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February 2011

ENKEI92 T-Shirt Giveaway – Today Only! (closed)


When Nitto Tire reposted our Joon Maeng Enkei92 T-Shirt blog, we got a great response! So to thank Nitto, I’m giving away (2) ENKEI92 T-Shirts (curtesy of Enkei Wheels) to 2 lucky Nitto / Enkei fans! One shirt per winner. Here are the details!!


1) Sign up to our email list (on the right) and activate your subscription (an activation email is sent to the email address you provided).

2) Comment HERE on this post with your favorite Nitto tire and your favorite Enkei Wheel!
example: Alex – My favorite Nitto tire is the NT05 because of it’s large center tread block and my favorite Enkei Wheel is the RPF1 because of it’s super light weight and affordability!

US and Canada only!! I will contact the randomly chosen winner tomorrow morning through the email address you provide… so please use your REAL email address. Good luck!

Contest closed. Will announce winner later today! (Tuesday, March 1st) We got our winners! Congrats to Peter Chang from Fremont, CA and Chris Miller from Jonesborough, TN your shirts are in the mail! Thanks to everyone who participated. More giveaways soon!!!Alex

ps. you can also purchase the new Enkei T-Shirt on the Enkei Wheels website (click) for $20-22.

Photos From 2011 Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto (Honda booth)


Check out these photos of the Honda booth from the 2011 Canadian AutoShow in Toronto. I worked with Honda Canada and PAS Magazine to provide wheels for both the 2011 Honda REMIX CR-Z and the REMIX Accord. Both built by IAC (International Automotive and Custom) and both exceeded our expectations. PAS Magazine will also feature both cars in the next issue in an insert… will post it once I get the OK from the magazine. Thanks for the pics Matthew and Randi! – Alex

The REMIX CR-Z is on the new Enkei FUJIN Tuning Series wheel, which is Enkei’s new more affordable lightweight option. It’s made with the same MAT technology Enkei uses for their Racing Series… including the RPF1. Partners for the 2011 CR-Z include IAC, PAS Magazine, 20HZ Audio, Enkei Wheels, BC Racing Suspension, Yokohama Tires, PAC, Wilwood, ATI, McGard, HushMat, Peripheral, JVC, MOMO, AEM, SEIBON, Eurolite, Sprint Booster Power Converter, Magnaflow, and Auto Guard.

The REMIX Accord is on Enkei’s RP05 Racing Series wheels. The RP05 has been part of the Enkei line of high performance wheels for about 4 years and is more or a luxury sport looking wheel to me. I have to say, looks so DOPE on the Accord! Partners for the 2011 Remix Accord include IAC, PAS Magazine, 20HZ Audio, Enkei Wheels, BC Racing Suspension, ContinentalTires, ED, Prosport Gauges, Gentec international, Phoenix Gold, PAC, Peripheral, JVC, MOMO, AEM, K&N, Eurolite, and Magnaflow.

Those Enkei RP05s look sick on the Accord!

Josh’s 71 Datsun 510 Shell Ready For a Rebuild!


71 Datsun 510 shell: I talked with Josh of eeffect apparel the other day concerning his Fairlady Z and he mentioned he had just purchased this 71 Datsun 510. Asked him to send pics… he warned me ahead of time that it was basically a shell but here they are. Have no fear, if the Fairlady from the Enkei SEMA booth is any indication, this 510 is in for an amazing transformation! Looking forward to seeing the finished product. – Alex

Yas Marina Formula Drift – Jarod Interviews Michael Essa

Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 2.35.33 PM

Great interview by Jarod of Michael Essa from Yas Marina. Man, the Enkei PF01s look so good on the BMW!! Check out the rest of the Yas Marina Drift Stream videos below!

Formula Drift Falken Driver Justin Pawlak With NEW Enkei92 T-Shirt!


Formula Drift Falken Driver Justin Pawlak with NEW ENKEI92 t-shirt! I met Justin just as I started working with Ron Bergenholtz in 2009. Initially, we thought we’d be working together for the 2010 Formula Drift season but both Justin and the Bergenholtz team went their own ways. Which turned out for the best! Justin was signed by Falken and Joon got the opportunity to drive the Full Tilt Nitto Tire RX-8. Looking forward to seeing both drivers on the track this season! Thanks for the pic Justin. – Alex

Formula Drift Driver Joon Maeng Sporting The New Enkei92 T-Shirt


Thanks Joon Maeng, for rockin the new ENKEI92 T-Shirt! Joon drives the Full Tilt Nitto Tire, Bergenholtz RX-8 and uses the Enkei PF01 wheels wrapped in Nitto’s high performance NT05!

Thanks NITTO for the repost! To thank them, I’m thinking of giving away one of these T-Shirts here on WMD!!! Leave a comment here if you think thats a good idea!!??

Can’t wait for the giveaway? Purchase your shirt HERE.

– Alex

A Call From Ron Bergenholtz of Bergenholtz Racing


Just got off the phone with Ron Bergenholtz, team manager for the Full Tilt Poker Nitto Tire Formula Drift RX-8. Ron and Joon Maeng will continue to run the Enkei PF01 in 2011… just need to get him a few more rears to replace the ones they beat up! Everything is looking good for this years Formula D season and we’re planning on growing the Bergenholtz Enkei partnership so 2011 is looking bright.

A little history on the Enkei Bergenholtz partnership… I first met Ron at SEMA 2009 at the Enkei Wheels booth, this was before they announced Joon Maeng as the driver and before the Full Tilt sponsorship announcement. It was my first year to completely handle Enkei’s sponsorship program and Bergenholtz was really the first sponsorship program I started so I worked my ass off last year to make sure the program was a success. I enjoyed working with Ron from the beginning. Right off the bat he treated me with respect even though he knew I was kinda new to the sponsorship thing. Believe me, there are drivers/race teams that get all Hollywood on your ass.

At each Formula D event I attended I made sure to stop by the Bergenholtz pit to make sure everything was going as planned (as far as wheels) and to offer my support. Also to catch some shade… and water… and lunch occasionally. The day before the Long Beach season opener, I headed over to… [click to continue…]

DSPORT’s 100th Issue Release/Appreciation Party – Hollywood


Had a great time at DSPORT 100th issue release / appreciation party! This was one of those last minute flights for me. Tobin of DSPORT called me a few days before the party to ask if I would like to attend, I of course said yes, and they flew me out that Wednesday. We figured everything out within a couple of hours. Flight, hotel, car rental, etc. [click to continue…]

Thank You Matt and Nick for the NOS Energy T-Shirt


Big shout out to Matt and Nick at NOS Energy!! Them two guys seem to be at every Texas event I’ve been to repping NOS! Thanks for the awesome t-shirt! – Alex

Mineral Wells Lone Star Drift Clinic with Ryan Tuerk and Nate Hamilton


Mineral Wells Lone Star Drift event/clinic with Ryan Tuerk put together in conjunction with Aaron Losey of Fabricated Motorsports.

Ryan Tuerck drove down from New York through snow storms and all to hang out with local DFW drift guys. After snow storms, detours, shut down freeways, etc… Ryan finally made it to Mineral Wells, Texas 40hrs later. It’s moves like this, that show his commitment not only to his own career but for the overall sport of drifting. Ryan also mentioned a documentary style video he was working on with Joshua Herron … if you’re not familiar with Joshua Herron’s superb video skills, click the link!! It was great to catch up with Ryan and can’t wait to see what he and Gardella Racing have in store for the 2011 Formula Drift season.

Another familiar face was that of Nate Hamilton who I first met at Texas Motor Speedway during XDC. Nate drives the S13 with the Enkei RPF1s and was ripping it out on the track. Every time I see this guy he has a great attitude and seems to have a good work ethic… Nate and his manager had contacted me in the past concerning wheel sponsorship but I somehow dropped the ball and never got back to them. I get so many sponsorship request, sometimes I let some slip by. Sorry man! Even though he is not sponsored by Enkei at this time, Nate always gives Enkei wheels their props so I can only imagine how helpful he would be with a little extra help. But I’m glad I got to see them again and hope to work with them in 2011.

To conclude, I had a great time, got to see good local drifting, and enjoyed catching up with both Ryan Tuerck and Nate Hamilton. Also, a big shout out to Nick and his brother Matt from NOS Energy Drink! Thanks again for the awesome NOS T-Shirt! Check out the slideshow below for more pics from this weekend! – Alex

A Spy Photo of Stephan Verdier’s Rally Subaru STi!

A spy photo of Stephan Verdier’s rally Subaru STi! I had the pleasure of watching Stephan drive at Summer X-Games last year in Los Angeles… check out some video I took of his exciting driving below. Looking forward to seeing this thing on the track again. Thanks for the pic Costa! – Alex