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Formula Drift Driver Joon Maeng Sporting The New Enkei92 T-Shirt


Thanks Joon Maeng, for rockin the new ENKEI92 T-Shirt! Joon drives the Full Tilt Nitto Tire, Bergenholtz RX-8 and uses the Enkei PF01 wheels wrapped in Nitto’s high performance NT05!

Thanks NITTO for the repost! To thank them, I’m thinking of giving away one of these T-Shirts here on WMD!!! Leave a comment here if you think thats a good idea!!??

Can’t wait for the giveaway? Purchase your shirt HERE.

– Alex

Facebook Conversations

Facebook Conversations

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  • Luis

    I want one!

  • zak

    Good idea I want one

  • Alex

    Hey everyone, thank you for all your replies and LIKES!! We will definitely be giving one of these t-shirts away on the 28th of Feb!! We will post details soon!!

  • Trinity Hutcherson

    I like the tee and it would be great to wear to go with the enkei wheels on my car – thanks to motto and hopefully I can get a tee – 3xl

  • Erick

    I like the shirt and giving away some shirts sounds cool too but give a little bit of more info on how to get one

  • http://Facebook Jim Burden

    That’s a great idea !!!!! About time the aftermarket gave away t-shirts !! Thx Nitto !!!

  • Angela Harty

    Definately a great idea !!! I want one!!!!!

  • http://facebook emma wells

    i like ie i love it and i want one of em