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March 2011

My Story: Will’s Rally Yellow Supercharged Cobalt SS with Enkei RPF1 Wheels

cobalt ss with enkei rpf1 racing series wheels

What’s up friends, this is the first of many “My Story” post where we’ll post stories about builds, racing, etc, told in the words of the people who know most about the cars… their owners. Sometimes it will be a professional driver, sometimes a team owner, and sometimes an enthusiast who just loves his car(s).

So, I got in touch with William through the WMD Facebook. The rally yellow Cobalt SS caught my eye when I noticed it was on Enkei RPF1 Racing Series wheels. Since Enkei does not make a Cobalt ready fitment you don’t see too many so… Turns out William went the extra mile to get these bad boys on the Chevy! I’m so use to typing Honda or Toyota or Subaru… feels a little strange using the word Chevy. But anyway, here is Will’s story in his own words! – Alex

MY STORY COBALT SS STORY by Will, Photos by Will. ————->

Well, the Cobalt SS first came out when i was in high school. I knew i wanted a sport compact, but i wanted something domestic, and at the time, my only option would have been a Ford Focus SVT, or the Dodge Neon SRT4. Neither really appealed to me, since the ford was ugly, and the dodge looked like a rental car with a lift kit in the rear. Then Chevy released the Cobalt SS. I knew instantly i had to have one. Luckily while i was stationed at Ft Bragg NC, I came across the Rally Yellow Cobalt I now own. [click to continue…]

Video: Global Rallycross Championship- Marcus Gronholm wins AWD Rallycross with Tanner in 2nd and Stephan Verdier in 3rd


World Rallycross Champion Marcus Gronholm adds another trophy to his collection after battling it out with Dave Mirra, Tanner Foust, Stephan Verdier, Rhys Millen and the rest of the world’s best Rally drivers. The event took place yesterday at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, CA.

The way Stephan Verdier passed Tanner close to the end there was awesome. I have to say, pretty exciting. It’s awesome to see these guys in wheel to wheel racing and pushing each other around on the track! I noticed that there was not too many spectators at the event… I’m sure after this video gets around, that will change! Don’t miss all the action April 17 10 PM/ET ESPN2 – Alex

Previous: A Spy Photo of Stephan Verdier’s Rally Subaru STi!

Kelvin Racing Hotrod 1982 Toyota Starlet

RWD Toyota Starlet hotrod drag racing

RWD Toyota Starlet hotrod drag racing

RWD Toyota Starlet hotrod drag racing

RWD Toyota Starlet hotrod drag racing roll cage

RWD Toyota Starlet hotrod drag racing Mitsubishi Conquest G54B motor Photos: Jonathan DeHate

Mod list:

1982 Toyota Starlet, Fiber Glass Bumpers, Lexan Windows By Tito Chassis, Tito Chassis Custom Parachute Mounting Kit, Simpson Parachute, Custom Fiberglass hood

Tito Chassis Shop Aluminums, Canary Yellow Powder Coating, Half a Chassis, Chassis Certified for 8.5, Custom Aluminum dash, Autometer Boost Gauge, Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge, Autometer Monster Tach, Autometer Fuel Gauge, Autometer Water Temp Gauge,

Ladder Bars with Coilovers and Autozone shocks

Ford 9″ rear end, Ford Tremec 5 speed transmission, Act CLUTCH, Custom adapter plate

Mitsubishi Conquest G54B, Tuned and Built By: Flaco Tech of Orlando Florida, Stock Block, Stock Head, Factory throttle body, 2 Injectors, Gato Performance Turbo Ex Manifold, Gato Performance custom piping, Ebay T3/T4 50 Trim, An occasional 40 shot of nitrous, Gryphon Radiator, Microtech LT-10 computer, Msd 6-AL, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, Single Stage Nitrous System 40shot, 22lbs of Boost, Machine Shop that always helps us out C.W Pence Rebuilders

Gato Performance 4″ down pipe

Weld Racing Pro Star 96 series Front M/T, Weld Racing Pro Star 96 series Rear M/T 26×10×15

Stock Headlights and Tail Lights

XDC Driver Nate Hamilton Meet and Greet at Kincaids; Team JDM Relief Charity and NOS


Team JDM Relief along with NOS Energy put together a meet and greet for Nate Hamilton (pictured above) this evening to help launch the JDM Relief charity for the good people of Japan. Good to see so many people come out and show their support for a good cause! Big shout out to NOS Energy, the whole Nate Hamilton crew, Chris, Marcus, Geoff, Chanh, and Yulisses.

matt of team NOS EnergyMatt of NOS Energy.

Nate and crew t-shirts, Enkei Wheels catalogs, What Monsters Do Stickers and NOS Energy drinks. Official.

Marcus’ Honda Fit with newly bought Enkei RPF1 SBC wheels. Dope!

Marcus Honda Fit motor built by Kustomz UnltdMarcus popped the hood to reveal the Honda Fit motor built by Kustomz Unltd. So serious.

jotech 350z with volk wheelsGeoff dropped by in his Jotech built Nissan 350Z with Volks.

honda s2000 with works wheelsUlisses’ (Saul Canelo Alvarez look a like) Honda s2000 with Rays and Works.

scion xb with axis OG wheelsA bunch of the Scion guys came out as well. More XB Scions than I’ve seen in a while… in one place. This one sporting some Axis OG wheels.

Definately one of my favorite cars at the meet was Chanh’s from Team Just One… Lexus iS350 with Strasse Forge SM8 step lip 20×9 in front and 20×10.5 for rears. So dope!!

We had a great time meeting and talking with everyone, looking forward to the next meet. Enjoy the rest of the pics! – Alex

Flashback: The Night Before Formula Drift Long Beach Season Opener 2010; Update From Ron Bergenholtz


Seeing as the 2011 Formula Drift season is right around the corner, I wanted to re-post this which was originally posted on Enkei’s blog. It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed since I took these photos. I was in Long Beach last year and had the chance to experience the Bergenholtz team preparing for the season open. Ron Bergenholtz was kind enough to give us a play by play below and also recently sent a quick statement on the upcoming season! – Alex

Looks like the 2011 Formula Drift season is right around the corner and I am excited to get out there with the Full Tilt Poker Mazda Nitto Drift Team. Joon has got one year under his belt with the Mazda RX8 (New Girlfriend) and I feel very confident he will do well in 2011. We made some major changes in reliability and I know Joon is going to really put the hammer down on the competition. In my heart, I feel it is not a matter of “IF Joon can podium this year”……..”It is a matter of WHEN”. Even beyond his potential to do well in Formula Drift he is above all a great friend. Can’t wait to get to Long Beach. It will be a lot of fun! C-you all there! – Ron Bergenholtz

[click to continue…]

Video: Texas Mile 2011 Contestant; Civic CR-X Build Part 2 (motor)


Motor build in less than five minutes. Check it out! – Alex

Car Feature: Texas Mile 2011 Contestant; Civic CR-X Build Part 2 (motor)


Click here for part 1

texas mile civic crx with enkei rpf1 lime green wheels I arrived at Dusty’s shop at about 10:30 PM last night where he was starting to put the motor together. I was actually suppose to be there around 9:30 so things were already on there way when I got there. Some of the first signs of progress I noticed were the roll cage was complete, the lime green Enkei RPF1 wheels were on, the parachute was installed and of course it had What Monsters Do stickers on it! Enjoy the pics. Video coming soon!

texas mile dusty's tool box i love my honda sticker texas mile civic crx camoI always like shooting at least a couple of shots of the tool box, tools, etc. You can tell a lot by the stickers on a person’s tool box.

texas mile dusty's tool box i love my honda sticker texas mile civic crx camoSo organized.

enkei rpf1 lime greenI worked with Dusty earlier in the week to get these special order lime green super lightweight 15×7 Enkei RPF1 Wheels for the build. Dusty was using a friend’s set before and these lime green ones seem to fit his crazy camo concept.

texas mile civic crx the finished roll cageThe completed roll cage.

Hickam Series roll cage for the texas mile honda civic crxRoll Cage by Hickam Series.

texas mile honda civic crx with enkei rpf1 racing wheels camo to run 210 miles per hourThe purple DJ Safety parachute.

Dusty working on the motor for texas mile civic crx The remainder of the photos are of the motor and transmission being put together and mounted on in the car. They are in chronological order. I’m putting together a video as well!

dusty working on texas mile honda civic crxdusty working on texas mile honda civic crxdusty working on texas mile honda civic crxdusty working on texas mile honda civic crxdusty working on texas mile honda civic crxdusty working on texas mile honda civic crx motorhonda civic crx motor for texas miletexas mile civic crx transmissionhonda civic transmission being installed for texas mile honda civic crxhonda civic transmission being installed for texas mile honda civic crxhonda civic transmission being installed for texas mile honda civic crx motorhonda civic motor and transmission being installed for texas mile honda civic crx on motor lifthonda civic engine transmission being installed for texas mile honda civic crxhonda civic transmission being installed for texas mile honda civic crx motor inhonda civic transmission being installed for texas mile honda civic crx motor inAnd just like that, the motor was in. Next up, turbo. Part 3 coming soon! More pics below.

Quickie: Outperformance Nissan 370Z Nismo

Nissan 370z

A quick pic taken during this weekends 370Z photo shoot. Big shout out to Nick (owner) and Dan from Outperformance shop. – Alex

8.8 Earthquake Hits Japan; Please Keep Our Friends In Japan In Your Prayers


Update 10:22 AM
Some helpful links put together by GOOGLE.

Japanese Quake Person Finder

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

News, media, maps and other resources related to the disaster

Recent Earthquakes Near Japan

Also, Al Jazeera has a live blog covering the disaster.


Here are few videos to show the seriousness of the earthquake!! Please keep our friends in Japan in your prayers this morning. It was an 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

Live tsunami watch via CBS

This video from Sendai shows men at work when the earthquake hits as well as a shocking view of cars floating down a river after the tsunamis:

On-the-ground video of the earthquake — likely an aftershock — in Japan:

Video: Nate Hamilton 144 Part Two

Screen shot 2011-03-10 at 9.05.24 PM

Part 2 of Nate Hamilton’s documentary style videos. Features XDC Texas Motor Speedway coverage! You can spot a couple of RPF1 T-Shirts in there! Look out for part 3 next week. – Alex

Watch Part 1

Previously: Car Feature: XDC Driver Nate Hamilton’s Drift Nissan 240SX

What Monsters Do Stickers; Get Yours!


cool stickers for your skateboard or windshield
Our new stickers are in! The WMD stickers are 3.5″ round printed on vinyl! Get 5 for 5 bucks! Every dime will go to help this website grow and help us cover more events and vehicles!

What Monsters Do is ran solely on personal time with the help of volunteers and enthusiast. Every cent spent on web hosting, gas, etc. is out of our pocket. So… pitch in $5 and we’ll send you 5 kick ass 3.5″x3.5″ What Monsters Do stickers!

“I feel there’s a lot of hard working people out here working their ass off for something they love. It’s only right that they get some recognition… that’s why WMD is dedicated to showing extra love to the grassroots motor sports movement.”


Formula DRIFT Revs up for 8th Championship Season; Round 1: Streets of Long Beach April 8-9, 2011 ; Tickets On Sale


Formula Drift 2011 Round 1 flyer with ryan tuerck gardela racing solsticeFormula DRIFT prepares to begin the eighth professional championship season. Round 1: Streets of Long Beach on April 8-9 to feature world class drifting action, debut of new cars and drivers, vendor midway, driver autographs, open pits, car show and more.

“We are especially excited to kick-off the new season in Long Beach,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “This will be our fifth consecutive year utilizing the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Street Course, which is the only street course on the circuit. With new drivers, new competition vehicles and non-stop drifting action we are expecting another sell-out crowd.”

Round 1: Streets of Long Beach will feature the return of champion Vaughn Gittin, Jr., the much anticipated debut of the Need for Speed 2011 Scion TC of Papadakis Racing with Formula DRIFT rookie of the year Fredric Aasbo behind the wheel, 2009 Champion Chris Forsberg and his new NOS Energy Drink Nissan 370Z, along with the rest of the talented driver pool. Newly added for this event will be an expanded VIP section and multiple Jumbotrons for better viewing throughout the venue.

Schedule of Events

Box Office Hours: Friday 10am-4pm | Saturday 9am-5pm

Friday, April 8, 2011 – Preview Day

10:00 am – Box Office Open – Long Beach Arena Box Office
12:00 am– 3:00 pm – Qualifying – Track
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm– Gates Open to the Public – Venue
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm – Autograph Signing Session – Formula DRIFT Trailer
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm – Open Practice – Track
5:00 pm – Gates Close to Public

Saturday, April 9, 2011 – Main Event

9:00 am – 5:00 pm – Box Office Open – Long Beach Arena Box Office
10:00 am – Gates Open to the Public – Venue
11:30 am – 1:00 pm – Main Competition: Round of 32 – Track
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – “Half-time” Break – Venue
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm – National Anthem / Opening Ceremonies – Track
2:30 pm – Main Competition: Round of 16 to Finals – Track
4:30 pm – 5:00 pm – Trophy Ceremony and Closing – Main Paddock
5:00 pm – Box Office Close – Long Beach Arena Box Office
6:00 pm – Gates Close to Public

Tickets are now available for Round 1: Streets of Long Beach on April 8-9, including reserved seating, 2-day ticket packages, and VIP tickets. Tickets can be purchased through www.formuladrift.com, Ticketmaster outlets, and the Long Beach Convention Center box office. Ticket prices start at $27 online with reserved tickets available for Saturday’s competition day. 2-day packages are also available along with VIP ticket packages.

For more information visit: www.formuladrift.com