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Kelvin Racing Hotrod 1982 Toyota Starlet

RWD Toyota Starlet hotrod drag racing

RWD Toyota Starlet hotrod drag racing

RWD Toyota Starlet hotrod drag racing

RWD Toyota Starlet hotrod drag racing roll cage

RWD Toyota Starlet hotrod drag racing Mitsubishi Conquest G54B motor Photos: Jonathan DeHate

Mod list:

1982 Toyota Starlet, Fiber Glass Bumpers, Lexan Windows By Tito Chassis, Tito Chassis Custom Parachute Mounting Kit, Simpson Parachute, Custom Fiberglass hood

Tito Chassis Shop Aluminums, Canary Yellow Powder Coating, Half a Chassis, Chassis Certified for 8.5, Custom Aluminum dash, Autometer Boost Gauge, Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge, Autometer Monster Tach, Autometer Fuel Gauge, Autometer Water Temp Gauge,

Ladder Bars with Coilovers and Autozone shocks

Ford 9″ rear end, Ford Tremec 5 speed transmission, Act CLUTCH, Custom adapter plate

Mitsubishi Conquest G54B, Tuned and Built By: Flaco Tech of Orlando Florida, Stock Block, Stock Head, Factory throttle body, 2 Injectors, Gato Performance Turbo Ex Manifold, Gato Performance custom piping, Ebay T3/T4 50 Trim, An occasional 40 shot of nitrous, Gryphon Radiator, Microtech LT-10 computer, Msd 6-AL, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, Single Stage Nitrous System 40shot, 22lbs of Boost, Machine Shop that always helps us out C.W Pence Rebuilders

Gato Performance 4″ down pipe

Weld Racing Pro Star 96 series Front M/T, Weld Racing Pro Star 96 series Rear M/T 26×10×15

Stock Headlights and Tail Lights

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  • Casey G

    Did that engine management system allow you to eliminate sensors such as the TPS and ISC motor on the throttle body and also that 02 sensor on the downpipe? I also noticed the vacuum line to the distributor was disconnected, do you not need that vacuum either with that MSD 6-AL? & also ow much HP were you getting without nitrous?

  • Mason

    Where did you get the adapter plate for the t5 trans made at I’m a local floridan with a conquest just wondering

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