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April 2011

MaydayGarage x SpeedHunters All Japanese Nostalgic Car Street Meet; Houston, Texas


I was in Houston, Texas at Moon Tower Inn this weekend checking out the scene at the MaydayGarage x SpeedHunters All Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet. There was a great turn out with plenty of classic Hondas, a great variety of AE86’s, Datsun 510’s and even some good non-nostalgic rides as well. As Linhbergh and John say in the video below, it’s like Fast & The Furious meant in the best case possible. You know, when I was a teen I fell in love with Houston. Though some might see Austin as the cultural center of Texas, for me, it has always been Houston. Every trend… from music to graffiti, even street car culture has always hit Houston before any other city in Texas. Check out the pics below and feel free to share and comment!

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Event: Fast Five NOS Energy Drink Car Meet and Movie Showing


fast five premier colleyville nos energy drink

NOS did it big in Colleyville last night for the release of the latest installment of the Fast and Furious empire. Cars, girls, music, skateboarding and all the NOS you could you drink. Oh, even a male cheerleader and some acrobatics. Ha-ha. A lot of great cars and lots and lots of people where there for the showing. Several cars reppin the WMD sticker and showing love. Enkei Wheels, Memphis Car Audio, and many other companies were in the house representing as well. Check the pics, pass them along, comment, like it, etc. Thanks Nick and Matt for the VIP pass!

My take on the movie:
The movie is great as long as you’re not expecting Oscar winning performances! If you like fast cars, things blowing up and good looking women, you’re going to love this movie. – WMD

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Photo Blog: Lee’s Car Meet Part 1


Red Honda Civic Hatch Flush

Last night in Garland, a few dozen cars came out to Lee’s Sandwiches for the weekly Lee’s Car Meet. What Monsters Do was there to cover the meet which had a good variety of rides including a dope AE86 owned by Angelo and a few BMWs, even a new Camaro SS! Good showing, everything from the 240SX’s, Honda Civics, and VW’s!

Through the night, though the lighting was pretty bad and my flash running out of battery, I had a good time and was able to get some decent shots. Check’em out and feel free to comment and share. A big thank you to Nick of NOS Energy for inviting us out and the new Lime Green NOS is the bomb by the way! Will post part 2 soon. – Alex

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Video: Classic Datsun Commercials

Screen shot 2011-04-22 at 1.41.44 PM

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you can probably tell by now we have a small obsession with classic Japanese cars. For me, this obsession started a couple of years ago. While helping to plan the re-release of the ENKEI92 wheel at Enkei International, I started to look online for potential photo shoot potential car owners. After a couple of weeks of looking and checking out all the great classics the internet has to offer, I fell in love with the Datsun 510 among other great classic Japanese cars. Here are a few cool and classic Datsun Commercials! – Alex

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The Honda Remix PASMAG Project

remix honda accord insert in performance auto and sound magazine with Enkei wheels

remix honda insert in performance auto and sound magazine with Enkei wheels

Early this year, I worked with Performance Auto and Sound Magazine along with Honda Canada to provide Enkei Wheels for this special project. One of my goals was to showcase the new Enkei Wheels Fujin which is Enkei’s new lightweight “more affordable” MAT wheel. Like in most cases, the first wheel request for the CR-Z was the RPF1 which pops up in almost every magazine in the industry. So, I offered the Fujin instead and the end result was pretty amazing. Though the RPF1 I’m sure would have looked pretty good, I feel the Fujin fits the car better and the builder was able to still accomplish their goal of using a lightweight wheel.

The car received great coverage and both the Honda CR-Z and the 2 door Accord came out looking pretty sick! Both cars were shown at the Canadian Auto Show and will be shown at other Canada events as well. It was great working with both Honda Canada and Matthew at PASMAG; looking forward to the next project! – Alex

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News: Lewis Hamilton Wins Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix


F1: LEWIS HAMILTON WINS 2011 FORMULA 1 UBS CHINESE GRAND PRIX, BUTTON FINISHES 4th in Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Lewis Hamilton scored a fabulous victory for McLaren in a Chinese race of excellent drives, catching and passing Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel on the 52nd of the 56 laps as the reigning world champion’s gamble on a two-stop strategy – and a 25-lap run on Pirelli’s hard rubber – just failed to pay off.

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Justin Pawlak on Winning Formula Drift Season Opener in Long Beach


I’ve been struggling to do a write up on this past weekend’s Formula Drift event. The thing is, every blog, magazine, Facebook page, etc. is already doing a pretty good job at giving you a run by run break down of the event. So, I’m trying something a bit different. I got a hold of Justin Pawlak who won the event and asked him a few questions about his experience at the 2011 Formula Drift season opener. Pawlak qualified second Friday afternoon and had some great runs through out top 32, top 16, top 8 and of course his battle with close friend Matt Powers. Even after covering Formula Drift for the past four years, my heart was still pumping with excitement during that last run. Here is what Justin had to say about his win.

WHAT MONSTERS DO: How does it feel to finally win a formula d event and to be on that podium?

JUSTIN PAWLAK: It felt absolutely amazing standing on top of the podium, a real feeling of accomplishment! Finally winning an event makes all the blood, sweat and tears over the years worth it!

WMD: What did you differently this time around compared to last year’s season opener?

PAWLAK: This year I really tried to focus on each and every run by itself. Not looking further ahead than only the next corner. My spotters Clay and Ian from ASD really helped out too by reminding me of key points to focus on for each run. Slowing everything down really helped me keep my composure throughout the event.

WMD: Coming into the event, who were you most concerned about competing against?

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Ryan Tuerck’s Red Bull Mobil1 Nitto Tire Formula Drift 2011 Chevrolet Camaro


Updated (5/5/2011)above photo via Formula Drift
Ryan Tuerck Gardella Racing Red Bull Camaro rendering! I’ve been working behind the scenes with Gardella Racing to supply the new Camaro with Enkei Wheels since SEMA! I ended up sponsoring both the Solstice, which Eric O’Sullivan will drive the remainder of the season, and the new Red Bull Camaro. The Solstice on Enkei PF01 and Camaro on RPF1’s which I’m told will be painted bright red! I’ve been holding on to this rendering for over a month already… good to finally post! Looking forward to seeing this beast monster on the track! – Alex
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Events: Justin Pawlak Wins Formula Drift Round 1; Matt Powers 2nd and Dai Yoshihara takes 3rd!


justin pawlak wins formula drift long beach 2011 in falken tire mustang Another exciting Formula Drift season opener in Long Beach! Justin Pawlak Wins Formula Drift Round 1; Matt Powers 2nd and Dai Yoshihara takes 3rd! More pics and write up soon!

Events: Formula Drift RND 1 Qualifying Result; Conrad Grunewald Qualifies On Top


Conrad Grunewald Qualifies On The Top Spot! Formula Drift long beach 2011 camaro

The Formula Drift season got on it’s way yesterday; here are the qualifying results! Conrad Grunewald Qualifies On The Top Spot! Grunewald takes the number two spot and Dai Yoshihara in third. More photos soon!

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DSPORT, NITTO Tire, ENKEI Wheels, WMD Swag Pack Giveaway; CLOSED


Update: Cody in Azusa, California is one of our Swag Pack Giveaway winners! Cody was chosen from our “Giveaway Email List” which he was put on when he purchased a sticker pack! Congratulations Cody! Second winner will be chosen from our comments in a bit.

The giveaway is closed. Please check your email tomorrow afternoon to see if you won. Thank you!! – WMD

enkei wheels nitto tires dsport giveawayFollow these 4 steps!! In the comments section on this post, you will need to list the following:

1) Name of Model on cover of May’s DSPORT Magazine (New issue)
2) Your Favorite NITTO TIRE
3) And your Favorite ENKEI Wheels
4) FINAL STEP: LIKE the What Monsters Do, DSPORT, ENKEI, and NITTO Facebook pages.

Today through Friday. The winner will be randomly selected from our comments but you must follow all 4 steps to be considered!! Please use your REAL email address as we will use it to contact you (Saturday) should you be selected. Make sure to comment on our Facebook page and let us know you entered!!! US and Canada only. WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED MONDAY APRIL 11TH. Good luck!

(We have 2 swag packs to give out. One randomly chosen from our comments and one randomly chosen from the WMD EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY LIST.)

The AE86’s at MaydayGarage x SpeedHunters Japanese Nostalgic Car Street Meet


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AE86 #1Here are three Toyota AE86’s that came out for the MaydayGarage x SpeedHunters Japanese Nostalgic Car Street Meet. AE86 #1 was definitely one of my favorite cars of the night; the V8 in this thing sounded amazing. – Alex

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