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Snap Shot: Rutledge Wood’s 1983 Civic Wagon


Rutledge Wood (@RutledgeWood) sent this photo over of his 1983 Honda Civic Wagon. So dope! Those are Enkei’s re-release ENKEI92 wheels on this 2nd generation Civic. Leave a comment, tell us what you think!

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Facebook Conversations

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  • J. Moreno

    That is one sweet wagon, I also own an 82 and 83 wagon and an 78 hatch cvcc, wich I love them, I’ve been working on them for almost 8 yrs, at the rate I’m going it would take me another 12 to make them as nice as your wagon

  • Jose

    Nice, Rutledge! I have a 1982 wagon also and im looking forward to restore it. I’m also planning on going B-Series on it but seems to be very difficult to find a guy who can do an awesome work here in California. But any way nice wagon you have there…

  • Sameer

    they look right at home on that chassis. job well done, Rutledge! never knew you had a thing for Honda’s. How about an episode of TopGear dedicated to them or the Import community? That would be awesome…