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November 2011

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What’s up everyone? Hope everyone is having a great November… We here at WMD are busy planning our 2012 plan to take over the world using rad automotive blog posts, daily pics on Facebook and Twitter and now… on Instagram for all you iPhone users. ; ) Another reason to look at your iPhone every 2 minutes. So wether your bored at school or in the office or just trying to kill time during an awkward date… make sure to follow WMD on Instagram! We are posting iPhone photos and will covering events as they happen!

You can download the app HERE or in the iTunes app store on your phone. To find us, tap on Profile > Search Instagram > Names and usernames > type in What Monsters Do > tap FOLLOW!

VIDEO: ASD Wins the 2011 Formula D Final at Irwindale

Check out this amazing video from the 2011 Formula Drift Final in Irwindale brought to you by the amazing team at ASD Motorsports. Tyler kicked ass that night! Looking forward to seeing him on the ______ Racing team next year!

VIDEO: Ryan Tuerck shows YAER around the track at Formula D

Another amazing video from YAER. This time they have Ryan Tuerck, 2011 driver of the Gardella Racing Red Bull Nitto Tire Camaro, show them around Formula Drift at Irwindale! Looking forward to seeing Ryan drive the _______ next year.

Race News: Lewis Hamilton Wins Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix; Alonso 2nd & Button 3rd

Lewis Hamilton F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

photo: HOCH ZWEI

Lewis Hamilton Wins Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix! Alonso in second and Button in third! Photo: HOCH ZWEI

1. Lewis Hamilton 1:37:11.886
2. Fernando Alonso +8.4 sec
3. Jenson Button +25.9 sec
4. Mark Webber +35.8 sec
5. Felipe Massa +50.6 sec
6. Nico Rosberg +52.3 sec
7. Michael Schumacher +76 sec
8. Adrian Sutil +77.1 sec

Next race: Brazilian Grand Prix, Nov 27 11:00am

SEMA 2011: Photo Blog 1

SEMA… a lot of drinking, long nights, and a bunch of awesome cars. Enjoy the pics will post more soon. [click to continue…]

SEMA 2011: 1971 Datsun 510


Enkei Wheels continues to support the classic Japanese car movement by re-introducing the Apache 2 wheel. What better way to premier the wheel than to put them on a beautiful 1971 Datsun 510. I spent a lot of time in the Enkei booth and was surprised how many people were stoping buy to not only take a pic of it but to a pic with the 510. A lady looked over to me amazed with a huge smile on her face and said “I had one of these as my first car… cost me $100″. The 510 definitely took the spotlight at the Enkei Wheels booth. Maybe it was the WMD sticker… maybe not. More pics –> [click to continue…]

SEMA 2011: Heavy Hitters 350Z


A few quick snaps of the Heavy Hitters 350Z. Seen this Z on the web plenty of times but was good to see finally see it in person. Dope stance! More pics –> [click to continue…]

Video: Shooting the Mercedes-Benz AMG Roadster

The behinds the scenes goings ons of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Roadster.