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Video: Guy Almost Totals EVO 8 on Black Ice

I’ve been in similar situations and it’s scary as hell to see and experience something like this! Could have been a lot worst for this guy and his EVO!

For the driver’s comments and explanation of the ordeal, click here –>

This storm came out of nowhere. Weather was clear 15 seconds before the video started. I let go of the gas to slow down instead of braking in the beginning of the video.I knew i was driving too fast and braking would not have been a good idea. Beginning of this film is when I pushed the record button on the camera. You can hear me shut off the radio. My wipers aren’t even on yet.

I braked at 00:4 when i saw the accident, only to realize that it was useless so i let go of them completely and regain control.

I got out of the car to check for damage after I drove past the accident area. about a mile down the road. I must have seen at least 15 damaged cars left and right.

Filmed on highway 77 North.

I am NOT on summer tires.

This Evo is a North Carolina car. There are no reasons for me to be on winter tires.
I do not have a crash beam because my IC is too large for one. I am buying a daily driver for winter driving.

Thats not a tennis ball. Thats a Subaru get more g’s ball in the passenger side window

It does have a evo 9 bumper.

My “ricer” with green rims is fully built pushing 500AWHP

Despite the “little” damage that was done to the car, I am very happy that i did not hit anyone or get hit by that semi. My car would’ve been totaled and I might have not been here to post this video.

Drive Safe!

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