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February 2012

Car Feature: Tyler’s Rotary Powered Miata

Miata NA

Tyler bought this Miata with the standard wimpy 1.6 liter inline four. The original motor was showing its age- the previous owner was into drifting so it had been more than flogged. It was new motor time.

There were all sorts of options. He could have turbo’d it, swapped a LSX motor in it, or done a 4.6 mustang swap. But tyler always had a fetish for rotary motors. Those crazy doritos in a pill, triangles in a bucket…

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Driver Intro: Brody Goble (ASD Mob)

 Hey WMD readers, My name is Brody Goble and I am a Canadian driver on the road to obtaining a pro Formula Drift license. I live in Vancouver, Canada but do all of my racing in the USA. For 2012 we will be making the switch full time to drifting driving as part of the 2012 ASD Mob program in the ASD | Falken Tire | R3 Motorsports | Enkei Wheels Nissan s13 240sx. [click to continue…]

2012 Canadian Motorsports Expo


I was in Toronto for this years Canadian Motorsports Expo a couple of weekends ago and though there weren’t many imports there were a few.  Including this Porsche at the SportsCar Boutique booth. The show is mainly designed for wholesalers to show off their product to retail shops so it was somewhat of a mini PRI.  But, I picked out a few pics more inline with what we’re into.  Check the pics after the jump.  [click to continue…]

Joe’s Backyard Built Honda Civic Hatch


Joe Schneider isn’t you’re typical Southern California enthusiast. He showed up to the Annual Eibach Meet in 2011 and changed the game up on the So Cal Honda crowd. In a community that seeks out JDM, worships the K series, and is tightly knit – he managed to get a lot of attention. Bucking many of the trends.

More pics and interview after the jump. – Shocker Joe [click to continue…]

Car Feature: Dov’s CSCS Time Attack STi


Was in Toronto for the 2012 Canadian Motorsports Expo and ran into this sick STi. Snapped an iPhone pic, shared it on our Facebook page and Instagram… a few hundred LIKES later, owner Dov Aronoff got an email from a friend telling him his car was featured on the WMD Facebook.  Even after an exciting three days of CME, Dov was cool enough to let me shoot the STi outside in the warm weather.  The STi has been used for both time attack and rally but is now the CSCS Time Attack Unlimited AWD Champ. Has been seen in several colors including white, Subaru rally blue and a bright green previous to this orange.  Definitely needs some Enkei NT03+M‘s on there but this Suabru STi is undeniably What Monsters Do material.

A big thanks to Dov for freezing his ass off while I shot the car. Don’t know how you guys do it! So cold! Make to stop by NV Auto and say hello if you’re ever in Toronto. Link up with them on Facebook/n.v.auto.performance.  Specs and lots more pics after the jump! – Alex

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Shop Visits: Jotech Motorsports (Photo Gallery Part 1)

We made a quick stop last week in Garland Texas to visit our friends at Jotech.  Jotech Motorsports was created in 1995 by Kenny Tran. Their projects have been featured in many publications and are well known around the motorsports and tuning industry.  As we walked in the door, they were returning from a Performance & Sound magazine shoot for their stage 5 bright green Nissan GT-R pictured below.  Though the drag Civic sitting in the show room might indicate Honda is these guy’s specialty, a fleet of GT-R’s awaits in the shop, in the Dyno garage and of course the front parking lot.  Not to say their weren’t a couple Civics in the shop as well along with a Scion XB and EVO, among others.

A big thank you to Kenny, Tony, Pepper, Thomas, Jason, and Gabriel for letting me invade their space for a couple of hours.  Check the pics and look for part 2 as we have many more to share.  If you know of a shop you thing we should visit, send your suggestion to wmd (at) whatmonstersdo.com as we will be visiting a shop in every city we visit.  Read more for lot’s more pics.   [click to continue…]

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Car Feature: Josh’s 1991 Turbo Cavalier RS Wagon


When we stop by car meets, shows/events, or just in a random grocery store parking lot, we’re always on the look out for interesting builds… Like this 1991 V6 Turbo Chevy Cavalier Wagon. From a distance I mistakes the wheels for ENKEI92’s, which is what first grabbed me, only to find out from Josh they are actually old Barreta wheels he found in a junkyard for a bank breaking price of $27! Josh tells us his Chevy Cavalier wagon was an AT&T Service vehicle but now this “service car” is equipped with a turbocharged 3.2 V6 pushing 385whp. Josh pointed out the car, according to the state of Texas, is valued at $670 which is less than the passenger Recaro seat. It was definitely the most interesting car at Lee’s Sandwiches car meet in Garland Texas! Thanks for letting us shoot the car man! What Monsters Do! More pics and a few more specs after the jump! [click to continue…]