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Quick Snap: Elmer’s 1990 Nissan 240SX


Ran into Elmer and his dope 240 while shooting Nate’s S13 and had to take a quick snap.  Don’t have much info on it other than it’s a 1990, has a CA18DET motor swap, and Megan Street coilovers.

More pics and info –>

nissan 240sx shot by Alex Nunez

Mismatch wheels… 18×10 -13 (after spacer) Rays Vitrix for the fronts…

ssr 240sx

and 18×12 -14 SSR Minarva’s for the rears which will give you a little fender damage.

weed nissan 240sx shot by Alex Nunez

A shot of the drivers seat.  We snapped a pic of the engine but as Elmer warned us, it was a bit messy under the hood.  Thanks Elmer for letting us shoot your ride! – Alex


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