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May 2012

Quick Snap: Angelo’s 1985 Corolla GTS AE86


It’s somewhat of a funny story how I came across Angelo’s AE86. I was on Craigslist looking for a clean classic Toyota Corolla and had no luck. So what I usually do is track forward year by year. Starting with 1975 Corolla, then 76, then 77 and so on. Well I finally came to 1985… and there was this Toyota AE86 Corolla GTS. I was going to shoot an email to this guy but noticed there was a phone number. Went to call it and it turned out Angelo was already in my contacts.

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Video: YAER goes Behind the Scenes with Formula Drift in Atlanta

The folks at YAER go behind the scenes at Formula Drift Round 2 introducing judges, president, co-founders and more. Shekitout. – WMD

1979 Honda Accord – ENKEI92 Wheels


Check out our 1979 Honda Accord. We had to get the ENKEI92 wheels re-drilled (thanks Atlanta Wheels) from 4×114.3 to 4×120 which no one makes a wheels in! The wheels are 15×7 +38 wrapped in Yokohama S-Drive 195/55R/15 tires. Meaty. A big thank you to the guys at Discount Tire for taking care of us on the mounting and balancing. More pics after the jump. Before you say it, we know… needs more low. – Alex [click to continue…]

Video: Nate Hamilton XDC Phoenix, AZ 2012

Our good friend Nate Hamilton releases his first episode of 2012. Featuring Nate’s experience at XDC Round 1 and 2 which were back to back events in Arizona. Put together by Corey Denomy who keeps stepping up his game with every new video he puts out!

A big shout out to the entire Hamilton crew and thanks for rockin the WhatMOnstersDo sticker! – WMD

Video: SHREEVE FILMS | Radical Notion | FD Atlanta 2012

The guys at Shreeve Films release a short vid which pretty much sums up the excitement of Formula Drift Atlanta. You can spot some WMD logos in there once in a while. – WMD

Video: Depth of Speed: My Church – Datsun

Josh Clason releases a video giving you the rundown on Datsun nut Allan Anderson’s obsession with everything Datsun. It’s an awesome video and a great way to spend six minutes of your day. Or 18 minutes if you’re like us! – WMD

Video description: I love seeing dedication to a brand. There is nothing better than seeing the fruits of ones labor after they are bitten by the bug. For Allan, these fruits are his Datsuns and the journey they have brought him on over the past 15 years. For some the development of a car is the journey and nothing brings more joy and satisfaction. The car world as a whole is a better place because of those whose effort, time, and dedication save these cars along the way. My hat to you, Allan.
We have set out on our journey across the USA. Join us over at the site and Facebook to find out where we currently are! If you have any car stories along our path please contact me.

Video: Formula Drift Insider 2012 EP 2

Formula Drift Insider 2012 EP 2 features a recap of Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta and the Keep Drifting Fun premier in ATL. Check it out and share!

Quick Snap: Tony B’s 800whp Formula Drift eBay Motors Mustang


Had a chance to check out Tony Brakohiapa’s new Formula Drift 800WHP Ford Mustang while at Road Atlanta. This is a MONSTER. More pics and specs after the jump!

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Video: Keep Drifting Fun

Two years in the making and it was worth the wait. The best 30 minutes of your day begin when you hit the play button. Side note: Diggin the Sir Michael Rocks song at about the 20 minute mark. ; ) – WMD

In 2010 we crisscrossed the USA interviewing drivers and covering grassroots drifting events. We wanted to know why people choose to drift, how they got into the sport, and why the love it. The answer is simple, its fun. In fact, its the most fun you can have with a car. Once you do it, you’re hooked and for children of the action sports era – its easy to understand being subjective and judged. In this short form documentary, we visit some of the most vibrant and passionate drifting communities in the US. We talk with up and coming amateur drivers and pro drifters about the sport and why Keep Drifting Fun is more than just a motto – it has changed their lives.
Directed by Will Roegge and Joshua Herron
Edited by Will Roegge, Joshua Herron, and Skylar Smith
Motion Graphics by Andy Sapp

Event: Formula Drift Round 2; Day 2 Battle in Atlanta

Let’s see, where do we start… the above photo shows the last battle of the night between Fredric Aasbo in the Need For Speed Scion TC and JTP Justin Pawlak in the Falken Tire  Ford Mustang. Aasbo was on fire after taking out crowd favorite Daigo Saito but it was still not enough to beat out winner of round 1, JTP.  Justin won the event with Aasbo coming in second and Daigo Saito in third. But let’s back track a little bit to some of our favorite battles of the night!

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Event: Formula Drift Round 2; Missed Out On Day 1

Formula Drift Atlanta

I missed out on 99% of day one but here’s my story. I made it just in time for the last drivers meeting but… it was a rough start to my Formula Drift round 2 experience. After sitting on the DFW runway for over two hours…

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Events: Justin Pawlak is Victorious at Formula Drift Round 2 Atlanta

Justin Pawlak wins Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta in the Falken Tire Mustang! This is JTP’s second consecutive win which puts him 1st in point for the season at 209. Aasbo came in second and crowd favorite Daigo Saito took third for the second consecutive time which puts him in second in points for the season.  We love you Atlanta! More coverage soon!

Quick Snap: The OMGDRIFT Honda Element


Our friends Drew and Ross of OMGDRIFT made a pit stop in DFW this afternoon taking a break from their long ass drive from Los Angeles to Road Atlanta.  After a few setbacks, including being pulled over by the popo, they made it to the Enkei Wheels office to scoop up they’re their WE ARE THE MEDIA tshirts and to take a quick tour of the Enkei warehouse. Drew and Ross plan on driving to Atlanta for round two of Formula Drift, driving back to LA after the event, then doing it all over again in June for Formula Drift round 3 in Palm Beach. I know… crazy. While they were shooting the shit, I snapped a few pics of the OMGDRIFT Matte Green Honda Element.  Wish these guys luck and check the pics after the jump!

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Video: Formula DRIFT Insider 2012 – Ep.1

Formula Drift releases their first DRIFT Insider episode of 2012. Check it out! See you in Atlanta Round 2 this weekend! – Alex

IN MUSIC: RIP MCA – Adam Yauch

Adam Yauch mca

RIP MCA – Adam Yauch. Much love and respect! Beastie Boys! Our prayers go out his family. (Photo credit: ? )


Quick Snap: Autech Nissan GT500-R35


Hey WMD!  I just got back to Tokyo from the wettest race I’ve ever experienced!  This morning I woke up bright (actually, not so bright) and early to make the drive over to Fuji Speedway to shoot the qualifying for Round 2 of Super GT here in Japan.  A day full of some pretty sketchy practice sessions and an awesome Super Lap qualifying battle and I am beat.  The best part is tomorrow’s race day and I get to do it all over again!  The forecast calls for clear skies all day and I can’t wait to hit the track again.  Keep tuned for more coverage.