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Video: Depth of Speed: My Church – Datsun

Josh Clason releases a video giving you the rundown on Datsun nut Allan Anderson’s obsession with everything Datsun. It’s an awesome video and a great way to spend six minutes of your day. Or 18 minutes if you’re like us! – WMD

Video description: I love seeing dedication to a brand. There is nothing better than seeing the fruits of ones labor after they are bitten by the bug. For Allan, these fruits are his Datsuns and the journey they have brought him on over the past 15 years. For some the development of a car is the journey and nothing brings more joy and satisfaction. The car world as a whole is a better place because of those whose effort, time, and dedication save these cars along the way. My hat to you, Allan.
We have set out on our journey across the USA. Join us over at the site and Facebook to find out where we currently are! If you have any car stories along our path please contact me.

Facebook Conversations

Facebook Conversations

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  • Adam Robinson

    I have loved the datsun cars since I was a young kid. The style and originality of a datsun makes the datsun one of my dream cars. Only If Allan was willing to donate an original 510 to one lucky person. I would kill to own one but can never find one. I feel only in my dreams I could ever own one of these beauties. I’m glad to see someone who is keeping these fine classics on the road. Best of luck to all and Allan for keeping his own dreams alive