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June 2012

Video: “All Or Nothing” Formula Drift Round 4 Video by 1Kind Studio

The folks at 1Kind Studio are killing it with the videos! “All Or Nothing” from Formula Drift New Jersey. In 1Kind Studio’s words… Sit back, Relax and Enjoy.

Events: Formula Drift Round 4 in Wall New Jersey – Vaughn Gittin Back in Champ Mode


Another insane round of Formula Drift went down in New Jersey this past weekend. Vaughn Gittin JR was back in BOSS mode after getting a rough start to the season. After qualifying second Friday afternoon and winning the event, he has been bumped up to 4th in points. Another podium finish and he’s back in the running for this season’s championship! Round 2 in Atlanta has always been my favorite largely due to the high speed entree point but Wall definitely takes the cake for most carnage and demolition! More round 4 action after the jump >> [click to continue…]

Events: Formula Drift Round 4 Qualifying Results – Odi Bakchis Qualifying First

Formula Drift round four 4 qualifying results

Odi Bakchis qualifies first in the Team M7 Japan Nexen Tire Nissan S14. Vaughn Gittin JR qualifies second and Aasbo in third. Full qualifying results after the jump. [click to continue…]

A Few Days from Formula Drift Round 4

Formula Drift round 4 is only a few days away. Make sure to get your tickets ASAP. If, you’re not in town for the event, make sure you watch the entire event on DriftStream! See you there!

Events: Formula Drift Round 3 at Palm Beach International Raceway – Top 16

The 3rd round of Formula D in Palm Beach, Florida had to be the most unpredictable yet exciting round. Last season, the track layout was changed last minute due to some safety precessions taken by the FD crew. This year, you never really knew who had this years track layout figured out so it made for some exciting battles. If you came in to fast or had to much angle, there was a good chance you might just run right into the tire wall. So onto the top 16 action after the jump.

[click to continue…]

Events: Daigo Saito Wins Formula Drift Round 3

daigo saito wins formula drift round 3 2012

daigo saito wins formula drift round 3 2012

Congrats to Daigo Saito for winning round 3 of Formula Drift in his SC430. This is Daigo’s third consecutive podium finish this season – Third in Long Beach and Atlanta, and now 1st at Palm Beach International Raceway. 2010 champ Chris Forsberg takes second and 2011 champ Dai Yoshihara takes third. Full Top 16 coverage coming soon! – WMD

Event: Vaughn Gittin JR Qualifies 1st at Formula Drift Round 3


Vaughn Gittin JR qualifies first at Formula Drift round 3 in Palm Beach FL. Stay tuned for more round 3 coverage. – WMD