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August 2012

Video: F1 Red Bull Racing in The Streets of NYC

Formula 1 is coming to New Jersey June 2013! – WMD

Video: Fast Five Sweden Edition

If you like Volvos, watch this.

Video: Jim Guthrie Flips His Mustang at Formula Drift Vegas Pro Am Competition

Jim Guthrie flips his mustang during a run at Formula Drift Las Vegas Pro Am competition after locking his brakes and plunging into the tires. Jim and his drift Ford Mustang are okay! – WMD

Video: Rhys Millen Pikes Peak 2012 World Record

Rhys Millen releases a video of his 2012 World Record run at Pikes Peak 2012. He explains his strategy going into the run and the “Never Say Die” attitude that gave him the victory in his Pikes Peak Hankook Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Check out the video and make sure you watch it in HD as his crew did an awesome job putting it together. You almost feel as if you are in the car with him riding shot gun! Looking forward to seeing how Rhys performs at Formula Drift round 6 in Las Vegas. A win like this can give a driver a huge boost in confidence. – WMD

Quick Snap: Lone Star Drift in Houston Texas

lone star drift in Houston Texas

Had a chance to stop by Lone Star Drift this past Sunday in in Houston. I only had about an hour to catch some of the action before I had to head back to Dallas but was able to snap a few practice runs. A decent crowd showed up despite the rain early in the AM and it’s always nice to see people having fun in drifting! I don’t have much of a write up for you but hope you can enjoy the photos. A big thank you to Aaron of Fabricated Motorsports for the media pass; will definitely check out the Mineral Wells event later this month. Also would like to shout out Art, who I ran into at the event as he was rockin one of the WMD “We Are The Media” shirts! Good to meet WMD friends. More photos after the break. – Alex

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Video: Say Howdy! Get Rowdy! with Chelsea DeNofa, Driver of the Nitto Tire FD RX8

Chelsea DeNofa explains the transition process he went through when joining the Bergenholtz team and becoming the new driver of the Mazda Formula Drift RX8. He also give us an update on his BMW E46. You can spot the WhatMonstersDo.com sticker in there a few times! – WMD

My Name Is Mandi & I Drive a 180SX


Mandi is a grassroots driver from Australia who drives a Nissan 180SX. We met Mandi through our Instagram… or maybe our Facebook page. She was gracious enough to share her story with us on how she got into cars and why she loves doing what she does. Take a minute to think about why you love cars / motorsports and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Mandi’s story along with pics (Photos by Matt Boer) after the jump! – Alex

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Quick Snap: Rhys Millen’s Beefed Up Pikes Peak Hyundai Genesis Coupe Monster


Take a look at Rhys Millen’s new Hyundai Genesis Pikes Peak monster! It’s basically a beefed up version of his Formula Drift Genesis as far as looks. More wing, added HRE wheels and meaty Hankook’s. Rhys Millen qualified 1st yesterday in his Time Attack Division! Click here for full results. More pics after the jump! – WMD

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Video: Matt Powers Shredding Seattle

Formula Drift driver of the Nitto Tire Need For Speed Nissan S14 shreds Seattle and here’s a video to prove it. Jarod, the voice of Formula D, also has the fans in the stands join him in singing Mr. Powers happy birthday. Check it out! – WMD

Video: Ryan Kado at Formula Drift Round 5

A short video of Formula Drift driver Ryan Kado‘s Top 8 finish at Formula D round 4 in Washington. Mr. Kado drives a Nissan 350Z and is an exciting up and coming driver. Good luck to him in Las Vegas! Video by BK36 Films.

Video: Ryan Tuerck – Drifting in Missiles

Another video from Formula Drift driver Ryan Ruerck up to his usual Missile Car driving self! Video by Jeremy White. Includes cameos by Vaughn Gittin JR, Chris Forsberg and more. – WMD

Video: FT86 2JZ Drifting in Phuket,Thailand

Check out this video featuring a 2JZ-Powered Toyota FT86. Apparently these guys built this FT86 in 4 weeks. Phuket amazing. – WMD