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Danny Dang’s 2007 Honda Ruckus


This first time I can remember actually taking notice of a Honda Ruckus was on MTV’s Rob and Big. Rob and Big get matching scooters and scoot around their friend’s dirt track. Ever since I’ve kinda wanted one. But where I live it doesn’t make sense. In big cities like Los Angeles the Ruckus has a HUGE following. Like anything Honda an aftermarket has popped up catering to Ruckus fans. I have begun to see more scooters at different car shows. I’ve known Danny from the car scene for several years now. When I first met him he had a moved from Long Beach to the Midwest. At the time he had an exceptional Honda Civic hatch with a built/boosted d-series. With his Honda Roots it is understandable why the ruckus was so attractive to him. He bought this ruckus a few years back and started modding it just like his car. This ruckus is one of my favorite because of the attention to detail.

Don’t mind the little bit of dirt. He actually rides it a lot.

GY6 Swapped for your pleasure.

“I get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog!”

2007 Honda Ruckus
-shaved rear frame and powdercoated
-shaved headlight bracket and powdercoated
-powdercoated front frame
-gojin beauty washers bolt kit
-ncy lowered seat frame
-flush mount led signal front
-r1 rear integrated tail light
-dorbyworks front frame cover
-dorbyworks triple tree cover
-dorbyworks license plate holde
FLP kick stand
DROWsports pegs
Password jdm gas cap

-atomlab chromoly handle bar
-atomlab bmx stem
-password jdm stem shim kit
-stage 6 controls
-stage 6 throttle tube
-cnc grips custom powdercoated white
-crg mirror

-rrgs low down forks
-rrgs 4pot caliper
-rrgs rotor
-ATR rear shock
-performance brake pads (rear)
-dorbyworks “mesh love”
12×8 rear wheel
12×4 front wheel
-avon tires

-gy6 motor
-stage 6 28mm carb
-dr pulley variator
-dr pullet HIT clutch
-1500rpm torque spring
-performance clutch bell
-ncy flat variator drive face
-dorbyworks engine mount kit
-ncy oil cooler
-DROWsports MILSPEC complete wire harness
-uni air filter
-performance intake manifold



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