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A Visit with Formula Drift Rookie Nate Hamilton


Had a chance to catch up with Formula Drift rookie Nate Hamilton at his shop just outside of Dallas, Texas. Nate will begin his rookie season of Formula Drift this April in Long Beach. We’ve been following him around for a couple of years so definitely looking forward to his first run at the pro level. He’s building a brand new S13 similar to the one he ran last year in which he earned his Formula D pro license. Last year’s S13 will be used for demos, local stuff and perhaps some international events. More photos after the jump.


Nate trying on some of last year’s Enkei RPF1’s. The Hoonigans will design the look of the car so these wheels will be repainted to match the new theme.

Nate Hamilton Formula Drift Rookie

A fresh white pair of Enkei RPF1’s. He will run these for the first few rounds then switch over to the Enkei Kojin once they arrive in the states.

Enkei Kojin Tuning Series Wheels Silver

These are Enkei’s new five spoke concave MAT Kojin wheels. These are 18×9.5 +15.

s13 240sx nate hamilton

It’s always been my personal preference to shoot drift cars in their beginning stages – something about seeing the skeleton of a car that make me feel like I’m seeing a baby being born.

black enkei kojin concave 18x9.5 +15

Okay, maybe it’s not that intense, but let’s just say it makes me happy.


Adam working on the brake lines (240/180 tee). The engine is about 90% finished and should be arriving any day now.


This is Lillian, Nates girlfriend. Nate told me the story on how they met in North Carolina at a drift event. It was going kinda crappy, so he invited her to a Las Vegas event to try to redeem himself. Nate used his black magic and she never went back. Nice CAR LOVE shirt ;)

Lilian Nate Hamilton Girlfriend

Lillian takes care of a lot of Nate’s business transactions, a very important but sometimes ignored part of drifting. Most pro drivers, drive for the love of the sport but without those sponsors, partners, etc, it’s going to be tough to do it for a living.


We will be back with another post when the engine arrives. A big thank you to Nate , Lillian and Adam for having me over!

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