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Cali Steve’s K20 Turbo Civic Hatch


Steve Youhana’s Civic hatch has been a work in progress since the day he got. The vision that he has had with this car was constantly evolving. It started with a B16 swap, wheels and suspension. The next year it was a turbo kit. That is how I remember first seeing Steve’s hatch. Clean, Simple, and well put together. More on Steve and his hatch, including a bunch of pics, after the jump.

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Quick Snaps: Keepin’ up with the Jones’ ’57 Chevy


I got a chance to shoot Bill Jones’ dad’s 1957 Chevy in November. I know the word Classic gets used a lot – but Bel-Air is synonymous with Classic. I’ve shot a lot of cars– this has to be one of the most photogenic if not most iconic ones I had ever had the privilege to shoot.

The only thing I’d like to add is thank you to the MAPS air museum in Akron, Ohio. If you are ever in that area stop by and support the museum.

More Pics

Danny Dang’s 2007 Honda Ruckus


This first time I can remember actually taking notice of a Honda Ruckus was on MTV’s Rob and Big. Rob and Big get matching scooters and scoot around their friend’s dirt track. Ever since I’ve kinda wanted one. But where I live it doesn’t make sense. In big cities like Los Angeles the Ruckus has a HUGE following. Like anything Honda an aftermarket has popped up catering to Ruckus fans. I have begun to see more scooters at different car shows. I’ve known Danny from the car scene for several years now. When I first met him he had a moved from Long Beach to the Midwest. At the time he had an exceptional Honda Civic hatch with a built/boosted d-series. With his Honda Roots it is understandable why the ruckus was so attractive to him. He bought this ruckus a few years back and started modding it just like his car. This ruckus is one of my favorite because of the attention to detail.

Read and See more of Danny Dang’s Ruckus

Monster Three Rotor Mazda RX-7 FD by Defined Autoworks


The rotary engine is different. That is why people like it (and some don’t). In the history of the Wankel Rotary Engine many manufacturers have experimented with it. GM, Mercedes, and more.. but only a few companies could get it right. Mazda got it right. Similarly many people try to modify Mazdas but only few get it right. – Joe

More pics after the jump.

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Car Feature: Tyler’s Rotary Powered Miata

Miata NA

Tyler bought this Miata with the standard wimpy 1.6 liter inline four. The original motor was showing its age- the previous owner was into drifting so it had been more than flogged. It was new motor time.

There were all sorts of options. He could have turbo’d it, swapped a LSX motor in it, or done a 4.6 mustang swap. But tyler always had a fetish for rotary motors. Those crazy doritos in a pill, triangles in a bucket…

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Joe’s Backyard Built Honda Civic Hatch


Joe Schneider isn’t you’re typical Southern California enthusiast. He showed up to the Annual Eibach Meet in 2011 and changed the game up on the So Cal Honda crowd. In a community that seeks out JDM, worships the K series, and is tightly knit – he managed to get a lot of attention. Bucking many of the trends.

More pics and interview after the jump. – Shocker Joe [click to continue…]

Wekfest Chicago

Chicago is called the windy city. It is an accurate nick name because not only is it windy but it is the opposite of suck. Chicago is awesome.

The convention center was absolutely massive- this was just a section of it where the show was held. MORE PICS –> [click to continue…]

Eibach Meet 2011


Eibach. The name is synonymous with suspension and handling for every car guy. But if you’re a Honda fanboy (like me) its more than parts. Every spring Eibach is kind enough to lend their facilities to the Honda community. So, for years cars from all over the west coast have flocked to this event. As of late, there have been people coming from further and further. Nevada, Utah, Chicago, Maine, etc.

For what? Just to come hang out with fellow car guys and see some amazing cars. There are more magazine featured cars in the parking lot than I can even comprehend. I hope you enjoy the pics below… – ShockerJoe

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Toyota Fest Long Beach 2011

Toyota Fest MR2

Toyota Fest 2011 took place  in Long Beach Harbor, California. The location was awesome- right on the water next to the queen marie. The turn out was huge. Lots of foot traffic and a large variety of Toyotas. Scion, VIP Lexus, Boso style, Corollas, Levins, etc. Check out the pics below! (photos by Joe Coville)

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