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Formula Drift Round 2 Gets Rowdy


Formula Drift Atlanta has always held the reputation of being a high energy event. Not only did Round 2 fulfill this stigma, it went beyond these expectations in every way. The fans, weather, and driving were all absolutely insane.

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2014 Formula 1 Rules Explained by Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel

As you probably know, F1 has made some substantial changes to the rule book. Here is Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel from the Redbull team to explain a few of those changes.

Video: Yaer Productions – Formula Drift Rookies Nate Hamilton & Rob Primo

A great video by Yaer featuring Formula Drift Rookies Nate Hamilton and Rob Primo. Check it out and make sure to share it with your friends!

“I feel like I get asked the question a lot, How did you become a pro drifter? The only way I answer it is, I did it! I decided I wanted to do it!” – Nate Hamilton

– Alex

10 Bad Ass Mazda FD RX7 Photos


Check out these 10 photos of the third generation Mazda RX7 we found on the web! Though the FC happens to be my personal favorite, the FD is amazing as well. – WMD

Above photo via ??

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6 Bad Ass Toyota Cressida Photos


The Toyota Cressida has always been one of my favorite old school Japanese cars. Here are 6 photos I found on my external drive! Enjoy. – Alex

Above Photo via Parking Garage

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Drift Video: Say Howdy! Get Rowdy! S2 Ep 4 – Chelsea DeNofa at Formula Drift New Jersey

Chelsea DeNofa walks you through his experience at Formula Drift round 4 in New Jersey. Watch episodes 1 through 3 after the jump. Do yourself a favor and watch this video in HD – don’t forget to turn up your speakers! – Alex

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Video: Game Of DRIFT II feat. Ryan Tuerck & Vaughn Gittin Jr: Tuerck’d Season 2 Ep 1

Season 2 of Tuerck’d kicks off with guest Vaughn Gittin JR and Game of Drift part 2. Click here to watch season 1.

Drift Video: Chris Forsberg – What the f*** are we in!?

A very excited fan takes a ride with 2009 Formula Drift champ Chris Forsberg… “Dude, F*** me up”.

Drift Video: Ryan Tuerck Announces Season 2 Of Tuerck’d

Ryan Tuerck and Network A are announcing season 2 of the popular drift themed series Tuerck’d! Airs Tuesday. Check out the commercial above. All 7 episodes of season one after the jump. – Alex

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Video: Pikes Peak 2013 Sebastien Loeb Close Call With Fans

Can’t really wrap my head around why someone would think of crossing when you can clearly hear engines coming around the corner. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Drift Video: Network A’s Off Track – Formula D New Jersey

Off Track checks in with Formula Drift action from Round 4 in Wall, New Jersey! Host Jarod DeAnda, along with his all-star broadcast team of Danger Andy and Jensen Argyle III, takes you behind the ropes for exclusive driver interviews and insight! Meet driver and skateboarder Nate Hamilton, Ryan Kado earns this weeks GoPro drop cam, and Jensen Argyle III attempts to get Tuerck’d! Stay ’til the end for a hilarious Badass Battle between Chris Forsberg and Darren McNamara. Dude! Watch the door!