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Janet’s Toyota AE86 Corolla GT-S Hatch

We had the chance to have another one of Janet’s amazing cars in our WMD Formula Drift tent this past weekend! Last year, we featured her AE86 coupe. This time we had the pleasure of having this pristine 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86 Hatch! Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to check out this amazing piece of machinery! More pics and specs after the jump!

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SEMA 2013: 10 Bad Ass SEMA Cars

Overall, it was another good and busy SEMA. In my opinion, way busier and a lot more people and businesses attending which is great for our industry. We feel 2014 is going to be a great year for the scene! Check out these 10 bad ass cars we shot at this year’s SEMA show!

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SEMA 2013: Wide-Body BMW E30

We fell in love with this wide-body BMW E30! So many cars had wide-body kits at SEMA this year but only a few stood out. This EURO STOP USA E30 being one of them, we snapped a few extra shots. Check it out!

Photos: Alex Nunez

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SEMA 2013: LB Performance BMW M3

This LB Performance BMW M3 was sitting in the Forgestar booth at SEMA. One of the cleanest cars in the south hall and we hear it might be for sale (or was). So, if you have an extra 80-100k sitting around, now’s your chance. More pics after the jump!

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SEMA 2013: Rob Evans’ deviantART Lexus IS350

Lexus unvealed their DeviantArt competition winner design of the IS350. Some people are saying “it’s too extreme”… that’s the point guys. It was defiantly an eye catching piece in the Lexus booth. Designed based on the competitions winner Rob Evans’ design. It’s super aggressive, 3 piece wheels, satin/matte white paint job, etc. It’s dope! More photos after the jump.

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SEMA 2013: Scion FR-S 2013 SEMA Builds Preview

With SEMA around the corner, Scion released photos of a few of their projects to be displayed in their booth this year! Check out these two sick FRS’ and hit the link at the bottom of this post for more Scion SEMA cars! All photos via Scion Racing.

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Cars And Cronies Car Meet at Enkei Aug 24

Make sure to come out to Enkei Wheels Saturday August 24 for the very first Cars And Cronies Car Meet! Stop by our tent to say hello! Drop by to meet Formula Drift driver Nate Hamilton and check out his FD car! More info after the jump.

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Hachi-Roku / AE86 LOVE, Hawaii

If you follow us on Facebook, you know we always show love to the Hachi-Roku (Japanese for Eight-Six). Dave, in Hawaii, had a chance to stop by this Classic Toyota meet and was able to snap several AE86′s. I love these cars so much, I’m always wearing my Hachi-Roku crewneck – even though I don’t even own an AE86! Don’t judge me. More photos after the jump. Feel free to share the photos on your Facebook, Instagram, etc. Photos by Dave Coulter. – Alex

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Event Photo Gallery: Wekfest Hawaii 2013

Some of the best cars have been seen at Wekfest – Though it would have been nice for us to attend Wekfest Hawaii, we I couldn’t splurge the air fair. Luckily, our friend Dave Coulter hooked us up with some photos of the event. More pics by Dave Coulter after the jump. – Alex

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FRS Show at the SEMA Show (33 FRS Photos)

There was no short supply of FRS love at this year’s SEMA show. There are said to be over 100 Scion FRS / BRZ’s at the show show this year but we were able to collect at least 30 of them. The Scion booth was 100% FRS including the much celebrated Evasive FRS as well as the Fatlace one. The Rocket Bunny blessed one above was one of our favorites but hit the jump to see the other 32 FRS photos! – WMD

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Quick Snap: Cy’s Nissan 370Z @ DFW Cup Cake Meet

Met Cy over in the Top Speed tent at this weekend’s Cup Cake Meet in Grand Prairie Texas and had a chance to get a few shots of his clean Nissan 370Z. More pics coming soon! – Alex

Quick Snap: Honda S2000 at Import Face Off

Check out this S2000 we seen at Import Face Off this past weekend. More pics after the jump. – Alex

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