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Events: Cupcake Meet 12 in Austin, Texas (CCM12)


Better late than never.  Had a great time in Austin for CCM12 (Cupcake Meet) a few weeks back. A lot of people, a lot of cars, and a lot of drinking afterwards!  A lot of dope cars and sadly a few not too dope cars but all in all a great showing and all for a good cause. Make sure you follow them on Facebook more info on upcoming meets. Enjoy the photos.

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2012 Canadian Motorsports Expo


I was in Toronto for this years Canadian Motorsports Expo a couple of weekends ago and though there weren’t many imports there were a few.  Including this Porsche at the SportsCar Boutique booth. The show is mainly designed for wholesalers to show off their product to retail shops so it was somewhat of a mini PRI.  But, I picked out a few pics more inline with what we’re into.  Check the pics after the jump.  [click to continue…]

Wekfest Chicago

Chicago is called the windy city. It is an accurate nick name because not only is it windy but it is the opposite of suck. Chicago is awesome.

The convention center was absolutely massive- this was just a section of it where the show was held. MORE PICS –> [click to continue…]

SEMA 2011: Heavy Hitters 350Z


A few quick snaps of the Heavy Hitters 350Z. Seen this Z on the web plenty of times but was good to see finally see it in person. Dope stance! More pics –> [click to continue…]

2011 Japanese Classic Car Show


This year’s Classic Japanese Car Show was huge! Crazy amount of 510’s Mazda’s, old Corolla’s, and even a dope classic motorcycle section! Thanks again to Terry for having us out and a special thanks to my friends at Enkei Wheels! Check out more pics here –> [click to continue…]



Make sure to put it in your calendars!! XDC will be back at Texas Motor Speedway this month, September 24th! You can get you tickets HERE! What Monsters Do will cover the event in it’s entirety! Including a special NOS car meet and greet at the Enkei Wheels warehouse (only minutes from the track) to be held Friday Sept 23rd 6:30PM-9:30PM. More details soon!

About XDC: XDC is a nationwide automotive festival taking place at the Texas Motor Speedway, Saturday Sept. 24th, 2011. The XDC Super Show will feature a Top 32 Qualifying round as well as a Top 16 Main Event, REMIX Award Tour Car Show, Featured Industry Models and Model Search, Auto Aftermarket Exhibitors, RC Drift Zone, GoGo Competition, DJ’s and Music on the Cooper Stage, Merchandise Stands, Concessions, plus tons of festival attractions!

Eibach Meet 2011


Eibach. The name is synonymous with suspension and handling for every car guy. But if you’re a Honda fanboy (like me) its more than parts. Every spring Eibach is kind enough to lend their facilities to the Honda community. So, for years cars from all over the west coast have flocked to this event. As of late, there have been people coming from further and further. Nevada, Utah, Chicago, Maine, etc.

For what? Just to come hang out with fellow car guys and see some amazing cars. There are more magazine featured cars in the parking lot than I can even comprehend. I hope you enjoy the pics below… – ShockerJoe

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Formula Drift Round 3: Invasion Qualifying Results


Qualifying Drivers – Top 32

Driver: Car #: Score:
1 C. Forsberg #64 93
2 D. McNamara #8 91.5
3 J. Pawlak #13 91
4 V. Gittin #1 90.5
5 R. Millen #67 90
6 F. Aasbo #151 87.8
7 C. Grunewald #79 87
8 T. McQuarrie #17 85.7
9 J. Maeng #51 85.3
10 T. Yoshioka #21 83.1
11 K. Gushi #33 83
12 D. Yoshihara #9 82.3
13 O. Graven #113 81.4
14 R. Tuerck #44 80
15 T. Aono #86 79.5
16 S. Hubinette #77 79.3
17 R. Petty #808 78.5
18 A. Pfeiffer #88 75.8
19 W. Wilkerson #95 72
20 M. Waldin #23 71.9
21 K. Mohan #99 70
22 R. Kado #614 69.3
23 P. Cyr #68 69.2
24 C. Ng #84 68.9
25 J. Jones #29 68.6
26 E. O’Sullivan #35 68.5
27 M. Powers #665 68
28 O. Bakchis #723 67.9
29 J. Russakoff #85 64.4
30 L. Lonberger #28 64.3
31 M. Feiock #222 64.2
32 M. Essa #101 63.4

Toyota Fest Long Beach 2011

Toyota Fest MR2

Toyota Fest 2011 took place  in Long Beach Harbor, California. The location was awesome- right on the water next to the queen marie. The turn out was huge. Lots of foot traffic and a large variety of Toyotas. Scion, VIP Lexus, Boso style, Corollas, Levins, etc. Check out the pics below! (photos by Joe Coville)

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Photo Blog: Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta


Another amazing Formula Drift event at Road Atlanta! Crazy driving, crazy fans, a lot of beer and great weather. This is what makes this round such an incredible experience. Dai Yoshihara wins the night with D Mac in second and Yoshi in third! All had tough fought battles and drove their hearts out. Also, Ryan Tuerck and Gardella Racing debued their awesome new Red Bull Mobil 1 Chevy Camaro, which received a great response from fans and media. Enjoy the photos and feel free to share them with friends and other motor sports fans!

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Dai Yoshihara Wins Formula Drift Round Two at Road Atlanta


Congratulations to Dai Yoshihara for winning round two of Formula Drift in Atlanta! It was an incredible event as it always is at Road Atlanta. D-Mac took 2nd and Yoshi 3rd! Check back soon for more WMD pics of round 2 of Formula Drift! Gotta get some sleep and catch a flight early in the AM! Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there.

Dai Yoshihara wins formula drift round two in atlanta in discount tire nissan s13

Million Dollar Car Show at Lincoln College of Technology

Million dollar car show in grand prairie at Lincoln College of Technology

Million dollar car show in grand prairie at Lincoln College of Technology

Made a quick stop this morning at Lincoln College of Technology for the Million Dollar Car Show. Really loved the Infiniti M45, straight VIP and the green 1971 Jaguar XKE V12 was definitely my favorite car in the show. Check out the photos, share, like, etc. Also, don’t forget to follow WMD on Facebook and Twitter!

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MaydayGarage x SpeedHunters All Japanese Nostalgic Car Street Meet; Houston, Texas


I was in Houston, Texas at Moon Tower Inn this weekend checking out the scene at the MaydayGarage x SpeedHunters All Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet. There was a great turn out with plenty of classic Hondas, a great variety of AE86’s, Datsun 510’s and even some good non-nostalgic rides as well. As Linhbergh and John say in the video below, it’s like Fast & The Furious meant in the best case possible. You know, when I was a teen I fell in love with Houston. Though some might see Austin as the cultural center of Texas, for me, it has always been Houston. Every trend… from music to graffiti, even street car culture has always hit Houston before any other city in Texas. Check out the pics below and feel free to share and comment!

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Event: Fast Five NOS Energy Drink Car Meet and Movie Showing


fast five premier colleyville nos energy drink

NOS did it big in Colleyville last night for the release of the latest installment of the Fast and Furious empire. Cars, girls, music, skateboarding and all the NOS you could you drink. Oh, even a male cheerleader and some acrobatics. Ha-ha. A lot of great cars and lots and lots of people where there for the showing. Several cars reppin the WMD sticker and showing love. Enkei Wheels, Memphis Car Audio, and many other companies were in the house representing as well. Check the pics, pass them along, comment, like it, etc. Thanks Nick and Matt for the VIP pass!

My take on the movie:
The movie is great as long as you’re not expecting Oscar winning performances! If you like fast cars, things blowing up and good looking women, you’re going to love this movie. – WMD

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