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About fast cars and the people who drive them.


It’s simple, we love cars. We love everything automotive and are connected to a bunch of people who love the same things. Modified cars, aftermarket parts, drift, track days, car shows, and the lifestyle surrounding it.

On this website and on our social media pages, we will cover motorsports events, car shows, and feature bad ass cars. Stay connected by signing up to our email list to the right – we’ll send you discount codes to our online store and maybe a few other freebees. Thanks for visiting!

The Name: Once in a while, I’m asked how the name What Monsters Do came about. Here’s how it happened. I was drinking a beer at a drift event standing next to a fan. We were chattin up about how cool it must be to drive a drift/race car for a living when a S13 was doing practice runs. I was rambling on and the guy interrupts me as he’s trying to actually watch the event and says “that S13 is a monster, he scraped the wall”. I look over to him, shrug my shoulders and say “Thats what monsters do”. That’s how it came to be!

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Facebook Conversations

Facebook Conversations

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  • http://@fello_racing Fello Ambivero

    Hey buddy it’s Fello with the blue boosted e36 drift car.
    I just got together with Mfest to do a big drift demo with them as well as the Mfest track event in Vegas on the 24-25th of may. It would be rad to rep #whatmonstersdo at the event. Lmk if you would be down.

  • Gerardo avitia

    “Hi what monsters do.
    I love your brand, and was wondering if you guys
    could mail me some stickers so I can represent your stuff?
    Keep up the great work!

    My name is: Gerardo Avitia
    My address is: 2740 Yosemite ct, Wasco California 93280

    • WMD

      Hi Gerardo. Thank you for the support! We have stickers available for purchase in our store. Thanks again!

  • Andreas Dittel

    hey! any plans to come to germany/nürburgring? because of the ids-finals? love your work! go one!

    greets from mettmann, germany


    • WMD

      No plans to visit Germany this year. Looking into it for 2013!

  • Jose Hernandez

    I was at the Drive showing at The Studio Movie Grill in Dallas TX on Royal Lane and Highway 75. Someone took a picture of me and a few other people and then handed us the card. This was on 09/07/2011. Can someone please tell me where or how I can get my hands on that picture?!? Thanks!! ….

    • WMD

      Whats up man! Will post them on our Facebook this week… maybe tonight! Thanks for checkin in!!

  • http://www.AutoMotoFoto.net Giancarlo “GC” Pawelec

    Would you be interested in a link exchange with AutoMotoFoto.net? Great content on this site and we’re all in it for the scene! ;)

    Get back to me.


    • WMD

      Done. Let me know when our link is up. many thanks!!!

  • http://omgpancakes.wordpress.com/ Brown Bear

    Hey All,

    I was wondering if you guys would like to do a link exchange with OMG Pancakes? I love your work and would like to put you guys up on OMGP to spread the love.

    Let me know yay or nay. If it is a nay, it’s cool, I’m a big boy and can take it. :(


    Take it easy.

    • Alex

      fa sho. : )

    • Alex

      done and thanks for the love!!

  • Mike

    Any plans to come to Detroit? I can help do what is needed to make the event huge here. I am a former Enkei Executive and although in my 40’s, Im stil loving the circuit. I’d love to set up a show here with you guys. I had my own wheel company for years after I left Enkei and have a bit of a following with the local drift boys and import tuner group. Lets collaberate.

    • Alex

      What’s up Mike! We might be headed your way in June… will make sure to send you an email if we do! What year did you leave Enkei?

  • http://betajunk.com jvon

    I have a 40k original 1980 280zx black/red 10th ae datsun but the original wheels aren’t holding up too well. Any chance you send can me a sweet set of those enkei 92s you just re-released? Im sure I could do a good job promoting the brand as I go to lots of car shows during the summer months. I need to take more pictures but here is one to show how the old wheels suck..