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Oh, the Fairlady! I first fell in love with the old school Z after recruiting one for the 2010 Enkei Wheels SEMA booth a few years back. Never was a fan before but now, it’s definitely at the top of my list! Enjoy these awesome pics. All photos belong to their respective owners. – Alex

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Paul Harrison knows his way around old Corollas. He found his first TE27 in an alley not to far from his house. It came equipped with a cage and side draft carbs, Paul and his brother thought it was their ticket to get into rally driving. Fast forward to 2004 and Paul acquired his 3rd Corolla, a 1972 TE27, the one you see here. He stripped it the day he got and started on rust repair and adding some custom touches right away.

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The 2013 10th Anniversary Formula Drift season ended at Irwindale Speedway in front of a sold out crowd this past weekend! Essa would ultimately end up winning the championship and Daigo would win round 7. But, not before a bit of a controversy.

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A great video by Yaer featuring Formula Drift Rookies Nate Hamilton and Rob Primo. Check it out and make sure to share it with your friends!

“I feel like I get asked the question a lot, How did you become a pro drifter? The only way I answer it is, I did it! I decided I wanted to do it!” – Nate Hamilton

- Alex

10 Bad Ass Mazda FD RX7 Photos


Check out these 10 photos of the third generation Mazda RX7 we found on the web! Though the FC happens to be my personal favorite, the FD is amazing as well. – WMD

Above photo via ??

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6 Bad Ass Toyota Cressida Photos

The Toyota Cressida has always been one of my favorite old school Japanese cars. Here are 6 photos I found on my external drive! Enjoy. – Alex

Above Photo via Parking Garage

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When doing my research on forums and other sites, I found that plenty of people having cooling issues during those long hot track days. Being in Texas, where it can get up to 105 degrees in the summer, we wanted to make this a non issue. We found the Koyo’s 37mm radiator not only fixed this problem, but swapped out perfectly with the OEM without a hassle. This Miata radiator is a complete plug and play application that won’t interfere with thicker aftermarket sway bars. That was a big selling point for me since I are adding some Whiteline products soon after the Koyo radiator install. Just a side note – this thing look so clean! More instal pics after the jump.

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Scott’s Twincharged 1JZ RX7 FC

What you are looking at here is Scott Pham’s 1987 RX7. It started life as a Turbo 2 model with a turbo 13b that Scott proceeded to build out, but after having endless problems with the setup he decided to move on. Scott parted out the motor but kept the shell in his backyard because he was still in love with the chassis. There were stints with various other cars but one that stuck around for a while was a Cressida with a big turbo 1.5JZ. Scott loved the motor but wanted a change. A handful of cars later Scott also decided that he wanted to start competing in the local Evergreen Drift Pro Am series. The car? That old RX7 he had sitting in his yard but this time with a whole new monster of a JZ motor for it, the result being a twincharged 1JZ.

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