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chelsea denofa

I Will Break You – Formula Drift The Gauntlet

aasbo scion tc at formula drift new jersey wall

They call it the Gauntlet for a reason. It’s a track where real automotive combat goes down. Cars break, wreck, catch fire, and only the strong survive. By the time the event is wrapped up, the track looks like a mini war zone / junk yard. Parts are everywhere. The rails are bent, tire pieces everywhere, broken bumpers, wings, etc. Even the media guys and some fans don’t leave un harmed (sun burn). This years Formula Drift round 4 at Wall Speedway was no exception. [click to continue…]

Into the Pits of Formula Drift Miami


Formula Drift Miami. My title for Round 3 was crew for Nate Hamilton. My duties involved changing tires, mechanical work on the car, and working on pit lane ensuring that the car was ready to run. Due to the track layout, pit lane only offered a view of cars launching from grid, initiating drift, and quickly disappearing from view around the first corner. This means I would be seeing minimal drifting this weekend. Although this doesn’t sound ideal, I have learned that grid is an exciting world of its own that not many get insight into. Words by Max Fuerst Photos by Corey Denomy

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Project: Respect The Roadster – BC Racing Coilovers


We were looking for a set of coilovers with adjustable dampers and adjustable hight options without having to spend an arm and a leg. The BC Racing BR coilovers were exactly what we needed. They have have adjustable hight, adjustable dampers, and can also be rebuilt if ever needed. You can look to spend a lot more for other coilovers with similar options. Also, though our goal is better performance, these also look great and the gold kinda matches our gold Enkei RPF1’s. Our friends at Texas Track Works did the install, alignment, and fender roll.

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Drift Video: Say Howdy! Get Rowdy! S2 Ep 4 – Chelsea DeNofa at Formula Drift New Jersey

Chelsea DeNofa walks you through his experience at Formula Drift round 4 in New Jersey. Watch episodes 1 through 3 after the jump. Do yourself a favor and watch this video in HD – don’t forget to turn up your speakers! – Alex

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Drift Video: Chelsea DeNofa at Formula D West Palm Beach


One of our favorite drivers in the Formula Drift series (and not because he’s rocking the WMD It Started in Japan tee ;)) runs through his experience at Formula Drift Round 3 Palm Beach International Raceway. You can check out our coverage of Formula Drift Round 3 HERE. – Alex

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Drift: Dai Yoshihara Victorious at Formula Drift Round 1

Formula Drift Round 1 2013

Formula Drift kicked off it’s tenth season in Long Beach, California. It was another amazing event with over 50 drivers competing to a sold out crowd! Competition was fierce with Dai Yoshihara not only qualifying in first place, but coming out victorious – with Vaughn Gittin JR in second and Chris Forsberg in third. More Formula Drift Round 1 action after the jump!

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Video: Nitto Tire 2012 – Formula Drift Evergreen Speedway

Nitto Tire releases a new video with Chelsea DeNofa, Michael Essa and the rest of the crew while at Formula Drift Round 5 in Seattle. You can spot the WMD LOGO Sticker in the video a few times! Represent! – WMD

Video: Say Howdy! Get Rowdy! with Chelsea DeNofa, Driver of the Nitto Tire FD RX8

Chelsea DeNofa explains the transition process he went through when joining the Bergenholtz team and becoming the new driver of the Mazda Formula Drift RX8. He also give us an update on his BMW E46. You can spot the WhatMonstersDo.com sticker in there a few times! – WMD

DRIFT NEWS: Chelsea DeNofa to Drive Nitto Tire BC Racing Mazda RX8

2012 Chelsea Denofa Bergenholtz Racing Nitto Tire Formula Drift Mazda RX8

It’s official! We just got word from the Bergenholtz camp that Chelsea DeNofa will take Joon Maeng’s place as the driver of the Nitto Tire Bergenholtz Racing and now BC Racing Mazda RX8! One of the first things you’ll notice about the new look is it has NO Enkei Wheels. Chelsea actually works with/for BC Wheels so it only makes sense they implement their wheels into the program. I sponsored the Bergenholtz team through Enkei for a few years so Ron Bergenholtz reached out ahead of time so I knew what to expect. Ron is a stand up guy!

Official press release: Two-Time Drift Champion, Chelsea Denofa and Bergenholtz Racing are joining forces. Chelsea will be driving the Nitto Tire BC Racing Mazda RX8 for the remainder of the 2012 Formula Drift Championship Series. “Chelsea is an amazing driver. His aggression and determination to win is reflective of his actions on track. We feel that this bold new partnership will increase the chances to win.” Said Ron Bergenholtz Team Manager of the Nitto Tire BC Racing Mazda Drift Team.

Sometimes unfortunate situations such as Chelsea’s wreck with Tyler, turn into great opportunities! Congratulations to Chelsea and the Bergenholtz team! Looking forward to seeing them run this weekend in Seattle for Formula Drift Round 5! Pics of Chelsea’s wreck with Tyler in New Jersey after the jump! – Alex

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