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Quick Snap: Fred’s Evo VIII and Ken’s Evo IX


Nowadays I meet quite a bit of my car friends through social media and without it I don’t know how I would find all these cars to shoot. I’m glad that Fred found me through Flickr because without social media I probably wouldn’t have met him and have had the opportunity to shoot his Evo VIII along with his friend Ken’s Evo IX! More photos after the Jump. -Cullen 

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Tim’s True Form Racing Evo IX


We had the chance to shoot Tim Schoeppner’s True Form Racing Evo IX at Texas Motor Speedway during the XDC / Time Attack / HIN event. Check it out and tell us what you think! Photos by Alex Nunez. Full specs and more pics after the jump! – WMD

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What Monsters Tweet

Here’s this weeks round up of our top 5 Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr post! Make sure to follow WMD on your preferred social media platform for daily car pics, videos and giveaways!

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Video: Guy Almost Totals EVO 8 on Black Ice

I’ve been in similar situations and it’s scary as hell to see and experience something like this! Could have been a lot worst for this guy and his EVO!

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