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Nate Hamilton

Nate Hamilton’s Project 240 S13 Facelift


Nate gave his demo car a face lift. He’s currently making more changes so make sure to follow him online for updates! Just fyi, this is not his Formula Drift car but his second drift machine. More pics after the jump.

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I Will Break You – Formula Drift The Gauntlet

aasbo scion tc at formula drift new jersey wall

They call it the Gauntlet for a reason. It’s a track where real automotive combat goes down. Cars break, wreck, catch fire, and only the strong survive. By the time the event is wrapped up, the track looks like a mini war zone / junk yard. Parts are everywhere. The rails are bent, tire pieces everywhere, broken bumpers, wings, etc. Even the media guys and some fans don’t leave un harmed (sun burn). This years Formula Drift round 4 at Wall Speedway was no exception. [click to continue…]

Into the Pits of Formula Drift Miami


Formula Drift Miami. My title for Round 3 was crew for Nate Hamilton. My duties involved changing tires, mechanical work on the car, and working on pit lane ensuring that the car was ready to run. Due to the track layout, pit lane only offered a view of cars launching from grid, initiating drift, and quickly disappearing from view around the first corner. This means I would be seeing minimal drifting this weekend. Although this doesn’t sound ideal, I have learned that grid is an exciting world of its own that not many get insight into. Words by Max Fuerst Photos by Corey Denomy

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Video: Yaer Productions – Formula Drift Rookies Nate Hamilton & Rob Primo

A great video by Yaer featuring Formula Drift Rookies Nate Hamilton and Rob Primo. Check it out and make sure to share it with your friends!

“I feel like I get asked the question a lot, How did you become a pro drifter? The only way I answer it is, I did it! I decided I wanted to do it!” – Nate Hamilton

– Alex

Drift Video: Nate Hamilton Progress Part 2

Check out this awesome video by Corey Denomy. Nate Hamilton gives an in depth walk around of the car that him and one44 motorsports built for their 2013 rookie season of Formula Drift. He talks about changes to the motor, new additions and sponsors from last year, and about the design and wrapping of the car. Looking fresh in that WMD Hachi Roku crewneck Nate! – WMD

Watch Part 1 HERE

Drift Video: Nate Hamilton 144 Goes Pro

Nate Hamilton and 144 Motorsports have been hard at work preparing for their debut pro season at Formula Drift.

In this video, Nate Hamilton explains the new car for his rookie season of Formula Drift. The team tests and tunes the new car at Willow Springs, just weeks before the first round in Long Beach, CA. Nate also touches on why they made certain changes to this car and how they are preparing for their first professional year of competition.

Beat Connection – Sunburn

Formula Drift Rookie Nate Hamilton: Part 2


Made my second stop at Nate Hamilton’s shop and as you can see, the engine made it in and was being worked on during my visit. Nate is using a LS7/LS3 built by LG Motorsport – a bigger motor than what he ran last year. It’s basically a LS7 head with a LS3 block. LG Motorsport will tune the car as well. This year, Nate picked up Holley as a sponsor so will be using Holley throttle body, fuel rails, etc. More photos after the jump.

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A Visit with Formula Drift Rookie Nate Hamilton


Had a chance to catch up with Formula Drift rookie Nate Hamilton at his shop just outside of Dallas, Texas. Nate will begin his rookie season of Formula Drift this April in Long Beach. We’ve been following him around for a couple of years so definitely looking forward to his first run at the pro level. He’s building a brand new S13 similar to the one he ran last year in which he earned his Formula D pro license. Last year’s S13 will be used for demos, local stuff and perhaps some international events. More photos after the jump.

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Video: Nate Hamilton XDC Dallas

Nate Hamilton winds down the season and ends up winning third overall in the XDC season. He earned his pro license this year so expect to see him in Formula Drift next year! Congrats to Nate on a great season. – Alex

Video: Checking Up With Nate Hamilton

Catch up with Nate in Palm Beach, FL to start things off, then head to Summit Point, WV and finally end up in San Diego, CA at the Motor Union presented by Five and a Dime.

Video: Nate Hamilton XDC Phoenix, AZ 2012

Our good friend Nate Hamilton releases his first episode of 2012. Featuring Nate’s experience at XDC Round 1 and 2 which were back to back events in Arizona. Put together by Corey Denomy who keeps stepping up his game with every new video he puts out!

A big shout out to the entire Hamilton crew and thanks for rockin the WhatMOnstersDo sticker! – WMD

Event: Formula Drift Round 2; Missed Out On Day 1

Formula Drift Atlanta

I missed out on 99% of day one but here’s my story. I made it just in time for the last drivers meeting but… it was a rough start to my Formula Drift round 2 experience. After sitting on the DFW runway for over two hours…

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Nate Hamilton’s Nissan S13 for 2012


We had the opportunity to shoot Nate’s S13 last year and were excited to hear what he had in store for 2012.  If you spent anytime on the web this past week you’ve likely seen the teaser photo Nate and his team released. As we expected, it caught fire and is being praised by many of the industry’s leaders as one of the best looking non-pro drift cars out today.  Luckily, I happen to reside a 40 minute drive away from Mr. Hamilton and jumped at the opportunity to feature it on WMD once more!

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XDC Driver Nate Hamilton Meet and Greet at Kincaids; Team JDM Relief Charity and NOS


Team JDM Relief along with NOS Energy put together a meet and greet for Nate Hamilton (pictured above) this evening to help launch the JDM Relief charity for the good people of Japan. Good to see so many people come out and show their support for a good cause! Big shout out to NOS Energy, the whole Nate Hamilton crew, Chris, Marcus, Geoff, Chanh, and Yulisses.

matt of team NOS EnergyMatt of NOS Energy.

Nate and crew t-shirts, Enkei Wheels catalogs, What Monsters Do Stickers and NOS Energy drinks. Official.

Marcus’ Honda Fit with newly bought Enkei RPF1 SBC wheels. Dope!

Marcus Honda Fit motor built by Kustomz UnltdMarcus popped the hood to reveal the Honda Fit motor built by Kustomz Unltd. So serious.

jotech 350z with volk wheelsGeoff dropped by in his Jotech built Nissan 350Z with Volks.

honda s2000 with works wheelsUlisses’ (Saul Canelo Alvarez look a like) Honda s2000 with Rays and Works.

scion xb with axis OG wheelsA bunch of the Scion guys came out as well. More XB Scions than I’ve seen in a while… in one place. This one sporting some Axis OG wheels.

Definately one of my favorite cars at the meet was Chanh’s from Team Just One… Lexus iS350 with Strasse Forge SM8 step lip 20×9 in front and 20×10.5 for rears. So dope!!

We had a great time meeting and talking with everyone, looking forward to the next meet. Enjoy the rest of the pics! – Alex

Video: Nate Hamilton 144 Part Two

Screen shot 2011-03-10 at 9.05.24 PM

Part 2 of Nate Hamilton’s documentary style videos. Features XDC Texas Motor Speedway coverage! You can spot a couple of RPF1 T-Shirts in there! Look out for part 3 next week. – Alex

Watch Part 1

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