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1970 Datsun Bluebird 1800 SSS


I’ve been communicating with Chris Houts, the owner of this beauty, for a few month now as the build progressed so was happy to finally see his Bluebird in person at XDC Dallas. As Marketing Manager at Enkei Wheels, I have the gift/curse duty of scanning through sponsorship request and as you can imagine, I’ve seen everything from hideous to unbelievably amazing builds. Chris’ 1970 Datsun Bluebird absolutely falls under one of those amazing builds. It was a pleasure meeting Chris and shooting his Bluebird – hope you enjoy the photos. – ALEX

Chris would like thank and mention his sponsor Wiring Specialties for there amazing Harness that made his swap a million times easier and is responsible for the engine bay being so clean. More photos and spec list after the jump (be ready to fall in love)!

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What’s up everyone? Hope everyone is having a great November… We here at WMD are busy planning our 2012 plan to take over the world using rad automotive blog posts, daily pics on Facebook and Twitter and now… on Instagram for all you iPhone users. ; ) Another reason to look at your iPhone every 2 minutes. So wether your bored at school or in the office or just trying to kill time during an awkward date… make sure to follow WMD on Instagram! We are posting iPhone photos and will covering events as they happen!

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Snap Shot: Rutledge Wood’s 1983 Civic Wagon


Rutledge Wood (@RutledgeWood) sent this photo over of his 1983 Honda Civic Wagon. So dope! Those are Enkei’s re-release ENKEI92 wheels on this 2nd generation Civic. Leave a comment, tell us what you think!