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what monsters do cool sticker for your car or skateboard or binders

What Monsters Do is ran solely on personal time with the help of volunteers and enthusiast. Every cent spent on web hosting, gas, etc. is out of our pocket. So… pitch in $5 and we’ll send you five SEVEN kick ass 3.5″x3.5″ What Monsters Do (indoor) stickers!

“I feel there’s a lot of hard working people out here working their ass off for something they love. It’s only right that they get some recognition… that’s why WMD is dedicated to showing extra love to the grassroots motor sports movement.”

EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY LIST: When you purchase a sticker pack, you will be the first to know of any giveaways, contests, etc. We will contact you via email using the email address you used to purchase ur stickers. – WMD

Click the buy button below! Many thanks!


Your stickers will ship the next business day!

Facebook Conversations

Facebook Conversations

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  • Luke Manalo

    Please let me know if you have the stickers in stock. thanks!

    • WMD

      Whats up Luke! Working on it for this month. Will make sure to blog, Facebook, twitter once we have them ready to ship! Thanks for checking in!

  • http://Levelrideconcepts.com Curtis Clevenger

    We have a car show coming up in about a month that we are going to vendor at, if i order some of your stickers would it bother you if we hand them out at our booth? Thank you, big fan!! On a side note our business is very small and most often we come out of pocket to do anything, please check out our website and Facebook page, everything we make is by hand. Thanks again.

    • WMD

      Well we are sold out of stickers. We only have 50 we have set aside to give out with T-Shirt orders.

      But we will have more soon!!

  • Ryan

    Beckie Joon