DSPORT's 100th Issue Release/Appreciation Party - Hollywood February 19 2011, 0 Comments

Had a great time at DSPORT 100th issue release / appreciation party! This was one of those last minute flights for me. Tobin of DSPORT called me a few days before the party to ask if I would like to attend, I of course said yes, and they flew me out that Wednesday. We figured everything out within a couple of hours. Flight, hotel, car rental, etc. I was in Los Angeles only for about 13 hours… 13 crazy busy hours! I landed in LAX where it took more than an hour and a half to get my bags and rental, typical LAX arrival. Was planning on grabbing some Cham for dinner but really had no time so I drove directly to Tobin’s place where I ended up getting ready for the night. I also had the chance to meet Tobin’s 8 month little girl for the first time. Pretty awesome to see him in the beginning stages of being a family man.

We jumped in the car and headed to the DSPORT office where the DSPORT crew was going on over 36hrs (no sleep) working on the 101 issue, an issue were Tobin and I collaborated on the cover… and also were the limo was to pick us up. After greeting everyone and giving all the guys new ENKEI92 t-shirts, we packed all the camera equipment, red carpet, backdrop, etc., packed in into the limo and headed to Voyeur on Santa Monica blvd in Hollywood. After what seemed like a 2 hour drive, we finally came to a stop thinking it was a “restroom” stop only to find out we were actually parked at the club. The DSPORT guys set up the red carpet area which included a bunch of PVC pipe and an ENKEI stamped DSPORT and NOS backdrop (excuse the blurry photo). Some of the people in attendance were of course the DSPORT crew, Formula Drift 2009 champ Chris Forsberg, Mike Kojima of MotoIq, Antonio of Motor Mavens, Carter Jung of Source Interlink (Road & Track), Eddie Kim of Grouppe-S and many others! Unfortunately, security did not allow photos outside the VIP room but I managed to get a few even after being threatened a couple of times by the bouncers. Check the slide show below. All in all, I had a great time and and had the opportunity to shake hands, pass out a bunch of Enkei mini catalogs while at the same time having a great time. Work and play. A big thank you to everyone at DSPORT Magazine for flying me out, the drinks, the limo ride, and thanks to Tobin for having me in his home! Looking forward to the Dallas party at Ghost Bar. - ALEX By the way, I have never seen so much throw up in one night, ever. ; )

The DSPORT Crew sings Happy Birthday to John and I! thanks guys.