Car Features: ASD MOB Prospect Brock White's Green Nissan 240sx March 01 2011, 0 Comments

Took a few minutes during lunch to shoot Brock's green drift Nissan 240sx this afternoon. Brock already was using the Enkei RPF1 but will be running the PF01 for the season. Brock White is one of the five selected ASD MOB Prospect drivers for 2011 and was one of the first to take advantage of the Enkei Wheels ASD partnership program. The ASD program is designed to help and educate grassroots drift guys on what you need to do to make that pro-AM to Formula Drift transition. A “how to” on what it takes to be a pro. This not only includes set up and driving techniques but also tips on behind the scenes sponsor/partner relationships, media training, and more.

The 240 was at Duke Paint and Body along side a large variety of beaters (some classics, some gangsta)... including a 1965 Chevrolet Malibu with a driveshaft through the windshield. Apparently a letter from a sign across the street flew off during a tornado and broke a hole in the windshield. The guys at the shop later put the driveshaft through it as a joke. lol. Once there, Brock moved the 240 to a more open area and the spontaneous shoot began.

Business first. Had to get the a pic of the new Enkei PF01 wheels stacked in front of the 240 for a future Enkei Wheels blog post. The wheels are wrapped in Falken RT615K 225/40/18 tires for the fronts and FK452 275/35/18 for the rears. Falken Tire has also partnered with ASD for the program.

As Brock mentioned, the 240 is a great grassroots drift car and the small dings and yes, the dust, really gives that grassroots underground feeling.

Texas sticker on the wing to make sure he represents Big Tex!

Obviously, comfort is key...

and the classic look with the Moon steering wheel.

A shot under the hood and I was gone!

Had a good time shooting the 240 and talking with Brock. He has new Enkei wheels and it's going in for paint this week... Looking forward to seeing the car finished! Will update with mod list soon. - Alex