Video: XDC Driver Nate Hamilton Documentary Part 1 (updated) March 03 2011, 0 Comments

Here is part one of the long awaited Nate Hamilton video!! It's an awesome video showing behind the scenes grassroots drift footage of Nate and his team's 2010 XDC run! Pass it around and support the grassroots drift movement! - Alex

^ updated: 3/4/2011

Check out this teaser to Nate Hamilton's documentary style video! Nate Hamilton is a 23yr old up and coming (drift) XDC driver from the Dallas Fort Worth area and he drives a Nissan 240SX which I plan on shooting very soon and is sponsored in part by NOS Energy Drink, COBB Tuning, recently Enkei Wheels, Ksport, among others. Full video to be released soon! - Alex

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About Nate Hamilton: Well got into skateboarding around 2004. Got super hyped on the "DO IT YOURSELF'' style sports. Naturaly as i grew up a bit CARS come into play and I just instantly had an attraction to motor sports! It took me a bit to truly find the love of drifting and how much it reminded me of skateboarding. All it took was a few rainy winter days with a good friend JORGE LOPEZ and i was hooked! From there we attended local events as much as possible, turning into an addicted roller coaster ride every drifter knows about!! Broke this, blew this up, hit that pole haha but never looking back! So the journey continues! Follow Nate on TWITTER and on!