What Monsters Do Stickers; Get Yours!

cool stickers for your skateboard or windshield Our new stickers are in! The WMD stickers are 3.5" round printed on vinyl! Get 5 for 5 bucks! Every dime will go to help this website grow and help us cover more events and vehicles! What Monsters Do is ran solely on personal time with the help of volunteers and enthusiast. Every cent spent on web hosting, gas, etc. is out of our pocket. So… pitch in $5 and we’ll send you 5 kick ass 3.5″x3.5″ What Monsters Do stickers! “I feel there’s a lot of hard working people out here working their ass off for something they love. It’s only right that they get some recognition… that’s why WMD is dedicated to showing extra love to the grassroots motor sports movement.” CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS!
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