Video: Global Rallycross Championship- Marcus Gronholm wins AWD Rallycross with Tanner in 2nd and Stephan Verdier in 3rd

World Rallycross Champion Marcus Gronholm adds another trophy to his collection after battling it out with Dave Mirra, Tanner Foust, Stephan Verdier, Rhys Millen and the rest of the world's best Rally drivers. The event took place yesterday at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, CA.

The way Stephan Verdier passed Tanner close to the end there was awesome. I have to say, pretty exciting. It's awesome to see these guys in wheel to wheel racing and pushing each other around on the track! I noticed that there was not too many spectators at the event... I'm sure after this video gets around, that will change! Don't miss all the action April 17 10 PM/ET ESPN2 - Alex

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