Ryan Tuerck's Red Bull Mobil1 Nitto Tire Formula Drift 2011 Chevrolet Camaro

Updated (5/5/2011)above photo via Formula Drift
Ryan Tuerck Gardella Racing Red Bull Camaro rendering! I've been working behind the scenes with Gardella Racing to supply the new Camaro with Enkei Wheels since SEMA! I ended up sponsoring both the Solstice, which Eric O'Sullivan will drive the remainder of the season, and the new Red Bull Camaro. The Solstice on Enkei PF01 and Camaro on RPF1's which I'm told will be painted bright red! I've been holding on to this rendering for over a month already... good to finally post! Looking forward to seeing this beast monster on the track! - Alex

ryan tuerck red bull mobile 1 solstice that eric will drive the remainder of the formula drift seasonRyan Tuerck and Red Bull Mobil 1 Solstice this past weekend in Long Beach.

ryan tuerck's mobil 1 solstice with what monsters do sticker yeah... that's a WMD sticker. : )
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