Video: Classic Datsun Commercials

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you can probably tell by now we have a small obsession with classic Japanese cars. For me, this obsession started a couple of years ago. While helping to plan the re-release of the ENKEI92 wheel at Enkei International, I started to look online for potential photo shoot potential car owners. After a couple of weeks of looking and checking out all the great classics the internet has to offer, I fell in love with the Datsun 510 among other great classic Japanese cars. Here are a few cool and classic Datsun Commercials! - Alex

datsun 510 advertisement for 1968 classic japanese cars
Datsun B210 commercial "Datsun Saves"

1973 Datsun 510 commercial "Drive a Datsun then Deicide"

Datsun 510 1978 TV commercial "No one likes a good race more than Datsun"

1977 Datsun 510 Commercial
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