Photo Blog: <b>Lee's Car Meet</b> Part 1

Red Honda Civic Hatch Flush

Last night in Garland, a few dozen cars came out to Lee's Sandwiches for the weekly Lee's Car Meet. What Monsters Do was there to cover the meet which had a good variety of rides including a dope AE86 owned by Angelo and a few BMWs, even a new Camaro SS! Good showing, everything from the 240SX's, Honda Civics, and VW's! Through the night, though the lighting was pretty bad and my flash running out of battery, I had a good time and was able to get some decent shots. Check'em out and feel free to comment and share. A big thank you to Nick of NOS Energy for inviting us out and the new Lime Green NOS is the bomb by the way! Will post part 2 soon. - Alex

nos energy suburban with enkei grab6 truck wheels sponsored by alex nunez

red honda civic flush

1985 toyota corolla ae86

1985 Toyota Corolla GT AE86 with dope stance

ae86 showing what monsters do sticker love

four door 1999 Honda civic slammed

black bmw 335i stance

2011 camaro

mariah monigold and sarah monigold at lee's car meet in garland

A big thank you to Sarah and Mariah for their help passing out flyers ad WMD stickers!
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