Wekfest Chicago

Chicago is called the windy city. It is an accurate nick name because not only is it windy but it is the opposite of suck. Chicago is awesome. The convention center was absolutely massive- this was just a section of it where the show was held. MORE PICS --> I loved this car. You may have seen this car around. I love the rocket bunny kit. This is something I haven't really seen.. Love it. Slammed drop top for the win. Artic Camo! Yes! Classy compressor. Smurf TEs.. This black nissan has been coming out of the wood work. I saw it first at Import Alliance then again at the WF-CHI. It's simple and breaks necks just by being clean and proper. Junkhouse, Junkhouse, Junkhouse. Like. Like. Like. Old school EF honda. Nick Weir's Caddy truck with his scooter. One bad Z This is Matt Line's Wagovan.. a close up of his gnarly All-In Fab Header. H22 Power. So clean. This is an EG done RIGHT. Here is a shot of Nick Weir's Valve cover. John Kokenda did the work. It's a sick piece. Cat daddy Caddy. This does 80mph no problem. Not that I'd want to try it. He's allowed to have a big wing.. It's a track car. It's cool. ;-) I want those mirrors.. More wing! Three cars in a row with vision mirrors. I am salty. I just want one set!!! Seriously! I wish I had a ray's hood prop. Sick. Battle damage. You're more beautiful with scares.. Or handsome. All motor kseries CRX MR-S.. This is an under appreciated chassis. I love the 80s. I am generally not a fan of this body style miata - this is an exception. Another shot of the 240 from earlier. 0_O!! This is the engine bay of a silver RX7.. It has a lot of character. The 66th pic I took of the 6666 240. 6 This car reminds me of my childhood hero Grimace from the Mcdonalds commercials. RC drift cars are neat. Stuff amazes me. that ol' wreckshop NOS had a huge setup. Very cool.   This brown MR2 was pretty sweet. The MR2 is another chassis that isn't as popular. I know why.. We all know why but it doesn't mean they aren't cool. Jordan McCord's CRX. Midwest at it's best. Manny's Accord on autostradas. Milwaukee's best! GT3 ... Why not? Joe's s2k on lambo wheels. This was just a sample of the cars that were at Wekfest Chicago. It was definitely an event worth attending. I can't wait to see what events they have in store for 2012!    
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