Car Feature: Josh's 1991 Turbo Cavalier RS Wagon

When we stop by car meets, shows/events, or just in a random grocery store parking lot, we're always on the look out for interesting builds... Like this 1991 V6 Turbo Chevy Cavalier Wagon. From a distance I mistakes the wheels for ENKEI92's, which is what first grabbed me, only to find out from Josh they are actually old Barreta wheels he found in a junkyard for a bank breaking price of $27! Josh tells us his Chevy Cavalier wagon was an AT&T Service vehicle but now this "service car" is equipped with a turbocharged 3.2 V6 pushing 385whp. Josh pointed out the car, according to the state of Texas, is valued at $670 which is less than the passenger Recaro seat. It was definitely the most interesting car at Lee's Sandwiches car meet in Garland Texas! Thanks for letting us shoot the car man! What Monsters Do! More pics and a few more specs after the jump! • 1991 Cavalier RS • 3.2 liter V6 • Turbonetics t3/t4 stage 2 • Haltech ECU • Crower custom ground cam • Ported cylinder heads and throttle body • Six puck carbon/kevlar unsprung clutch • Spearco Intercooler • 385whp@15psi • 2365lb curb weight 1991 turbo cavalier wagon 1991 cavalier wagon turbo 1991 cavalier wagon turbo 1991 cavalier wagon turbo 1991 cavalier wagon turbo
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