Joe's Backyard Built Honda Civic Hatch

Joe Schneider isn't you're typical Southern California enthusiast. He showed up to the Annual Eibach Meet in 2011 and changed the game up on the So Cal Honda crowd. In a community that seeks out JDM, worships the K series, and is tightly knit - he managed to get a lot of attention. Bucking many of the trends. More pics and interview after the jump. - Shocker Joe Q: How did you get into Hondas? I got into cars when I was a kid. My dad was a big influence, he was always into them. My mom was a V.P. for a few Honda dealerships. A close family friend was a the owner of the dealerships and car collector. Q: Who painted your engine bay? The engine bay was painted by me and a few friends. No concept. Just straight off the top of our heads. Haha. It is amazing the way it turned out considering we had five guys painting it at once. Q: What the #*@! is Backyard Designs? Backyard Designs Co. started out as a design company.. Doing flyers, business cards, and stuff. It turned out that the more I did stuff with cars- the more customers wanted me to work on their cars and design things for them. So, I started doing stuff with Hondas and Acuras. From there I started a mini-empire of local cars with a Backyard twist. Q: Are you a die hard D-series single cam guy? I am a die hard SOHC guy. I think they're fun motors. I love all honda engines but I think the SOHC is sneaky when built. Q: Were you born in Southern California? I was born & raised in beautiful Southern California by the two most understanding parents someone could ask for. You know they're good when your friends call them mom and dad. Q: What's this podcast thing you do ? Backyard Babble was an idea that Travis Whiteside, some other friends, and I had one day just shooting the shit. And we wondered, 'what if people would listen to our drunken babbles'. Haha.. So, we decided to start a podcast! We host it every friday night and it can be found at Q: Thanks Joe. Thank you! Backyard Design Co. can also be found on Facebook.  
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