Car Feature: Tyler's Rotary Powered Miata

Tyler bought this Miata with the standard wimpy 1.6 liter inline four. The original motor was showing its age- the previous owner was into drifting so it had been more than flogged. It was new motor time. There were all sorts of options. He could have turbo'd it, swapped a LSX motor in it, or done a 4.6 mustang swap. But tyler always had a fetish for rotary motors. Those crazy doritos in a pill, triangles in a bucket... He was a fan of the FD RX7 with it's sexy body lines and wankel motor. Tyler tried to find a FD but everyone who owned one seemed to think they were made of gold. Sweet Mazda Gold. So, he said 'screw it' and started to piece together this little gremlin of a Miata. miata engine bay Inspired by drifting and Japanese tuners he opted to also fab up a v shaped front mount - radiator combo. dope red mazda miata mazda miata roll cage He drives this car on the street and also competes in local drift events when he can. The cage gave him added rigidity and safety. Next time you see a Miata, don't assume it's a hair dresser's car.  - Shocker Joe
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