Greetings from Japan

おはよう Monsters!  Let me introduce myself: My name is Sean and I admin the Narita Dog Fight blog; a site dedicated to Japanese Motor Sport.  Alex has been nice enough to let me guest blog here on WMD and I look forward to having another outlet to share my media.  Yesterday I attended the second round of the Super Taikyu series at Twin Ring Motegi.  For those not familiar with the series, which I would guess not many are, Super Taikyu is an endurance road race series here in Japan where the competitors are split into 5 classes.  These classes are based on chassis and power output.  The concept is basic as the race is 4 hours long and the teams that complete the most amount of laps wins (in their respective class).  The amount of differences of the cars on track make for great racing, as their is sure to always be overtaking.  It's a series that's not wildly popular here like Super GT, but it is good racing in it's own right.  I've enjoyed it for awhile and would like to help expose it to others.  I also got to experience a "pit walk" for this series as well, and I use the term "pit" loosely.  It ended up just being a testosterone fueled battle to photograph the umbrella girls - who were standing in front of the garages mind you.  Hence the photo above.  I ensure you there will be cars to come, many in fact, however, I believe I have your attention now :)  Stay tuned to WMD for more coverage of Super Taikyu and thanks for reading.
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