Quick Snap: The OMGDRIFT Honda Element

Our friends Drew and Ross of OMGDRIFT made a pit stop in DFW this afternoon taking a break from their long ass drive from Los Angeles to Road Atlanta.  After a few setbacks, including being pulled over by the popo, they made it to the Enkei Wheels office to scoop up they're their WE ARE THE MEDIA tshirts and to take a quick tour of the Enkei warehouse. Drew and Ross plan on driving to Atlanta for round two of Formula Drift, driving back to LA after the event, then doing it all over again in June for Formula Drift round 3 in Palm Beach. I know... crazy. While they were shooting the shit, I snapped a few pics of the OMGDRIFT Matte Green Honda Element.  Wish these guys luck and check the pics after the jump! Honda Element OMGDRIFT Enkei Raijin Black Loving the way the Enkei Raijin wheels look on the Element. They are 18x9.5 +15 incase your you're  wondering.  Pretty aggressive fitment. The Raijing is wrapped in Falken 912 Tires for that short and stubby look. Happy to see them rocking the What Monsters Do sticker among others! The OMGDrift bike will come in handy at Road Atlanta when having to climb up and down the hill between the track and the pits! Or you never know, this might be their back up transportation back to Cali... I can see it now, Ross peddling and Drew on the handlebars. It was good seeing and hanging out with both Drew and Ross!  Thanks for stopping by guys and I will see you fools in ATL!  - Alex
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