DRIFT NEWS: Chelsea DeNofa to Drive Nitto Tire BC Racing Mazda RX8

2012 Chelsea Denofa Bergenholtz Racing Nitto Tire Formula Drift Mazda RX8 It's official! We just got word from the Bergenholtz camp that Chelsea DeNofa will take Joon Maeng's place as the driver of the Nitto Tire Bergenholtz Racing and now BC Racing Mazda RX8! One of the first things you'll notice about the new look is it has NO Enkei Wheels. Chelsea actually works with/for BC Wheels so it only makes sense they implement their wheels into the program. I sponsored the Bergenholtz team through Enkei for a few years so Ron Bergenholtz reached out ahead of time so I knew what to expect. Ron is a stand up guy! Official press release: Two-Time Drift Champion, Chelsea Denofa and Bergenholtz Racing are joining forces. Chelsea will be driving the Nitto Tire BC Racing Mazda RX8 for the remainder of the 2012 Formula Drift Championship Series. “Chelsea is an amazing driver. His aggression and determination to win is reflective of his actions on track. We feel that this bold new partnership will increase the chances to win.” Said Ron Bergenholtz Team Manager of the Nitto Tire BC Racing Mazda Drift Team. Sometimes unfortunate situations such as Chelsea's wreck with Tyler, turn into great opportunities! Congratulations to Chelsea and the Bergenholtz team! Looking forward to seeing them run this weekend in Seattle for Formula Drift Round 5! Pics of Chelsea's wreck with Tyler in New Jersey after the jump! - Alex Chelsea Denofa 2012 New Jersey Crash with Tyler Camaro Chelsea Denofa 2012 New Jersey Crash with Tyler Camaro
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