My Name Is Mandi & I Drive a 180SX

Mandi is a grassroots driver from Australia who drives a Nissan 180SX. We met Mandi through our Instagram... or maybe our Facebook page. She was gracious enough to share her story with us on how she got into cars and why she loves doing what she does. Take a minute to think about why you love cars / motorsports and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Mandi's story along with pics (Photos by Matt Boer) after the jump! - Alex Nissan 180sx Drift Car My name is Mandi Macleod, and for 7 years I've owned Nissan S chassis cars. Boys didn’t get me into cars, friends didn’t get me into cars (though I’ve certainly made some wonderful ones through the scene), attention didn’t sell it for me either and it certainly wasn’t the copious amounts of money it takes to make it your lifestyle.. but what got me into cars was cars. Nissan 180sx Drift Car Mandi Macleod I can't tell you specifically why I love these machines, but perhaps that's why they are special to me, for without them I feel my life would be dull. For the amount of late nights, lack of sleep, ruined nails, cut hands, tests of patience and sums of money I’ve poured into them over the years they are still worth it. Nissan 180sx Drift Car Mandi Macleod I've pulled out engines and gearboxes with my only help being an engine crane and tools and recently lived off 5 hours a night sleep for a week so I could do my 9 hour work day (as an auto electrician) and come home to fully airbrush my car before the start of the drift series I compete in. Nissan 180sx Drift Car Mandi Macleod I've been drifting on the track for a year and a half now, in my 180sx, it's gone through many changes aesthetically, it's drivetrain and engine has been mechanically solid throughout, minus a few worn water hoses and a smokey little kkr turbo that got changed over to gt2871r with .64 rear housing to keep it nice and responsive. Nissan 180sx Drift Car Mandi Macleod Drifting For me drifting and the car scene has no gender, I have no desire to ‘stick it to the guys’ with a barbie doll car, my car is what it is, it’s my partner in crime, a little rough around the edges but gets the job done with it’s 300rwhp and in my genderless world of cars it’s not ‘tough for a girls car’ it’s simply made to be tough. Nissan 180sx Drift Car Mandi Macleod We Came To Win t-shirt I guess everyone seeks that passion that they will traipse through anything for, and for me that's modified cars and drifting, it’s the behind the scene nights where there is no spectators or passer bys but a car in a shed with parts scattered around you awaiting assembly and sometimes if you’re lucky, you get to do that with others who are just as crazy as you. - Mandi Check out Mandi in action on the track.
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