Quick Snap: 1973 Corolla TE27 at SEMA

Patrick's 1973 Toyota Corolla TE27 is featured in the Enkei Wheels booth at SEMA this year featuring the newly re-released COMPE old school wheel. Make sure to stop by booth 47043 if you are at the show; it's a must see. A little background on the car... Patrick traded an AE86 to Antonio of MotorMavens for this Corolla only you wouldn't be able to recognize it given the amazing renovation it's gone through. Check out the before photo and many other photos of this beauty after the jump!


Before... (With Antonio in the drivers seat) After. Rear of the car. Patrick even put in the extra effort to make a license plate with original classic Enkei logo. 15x8 0 offset enkei compe classic series old school wheel gunmetal seam 2012These are 15x8 0 offset in Matte Gunmetal Enkei COMPE Classic Series Wheels. Wrapped in Yokohama. Also has Restored Japan carbon fiber flares. Original Enkei logo on the front windshield visor by Graphtech. what monsters do stickerRepresenting with the WMD Logo Sticker. Let's pop the hood. The Corolla has a 2TG, the original Japan spec engine. Amazingly clean engine bay.


TRD classic bucket seats wrapped with Sabelt harness. Big props to Patrick on his TE27. - Alex

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