Quick Snaps: Keepin' up with the Jones' '57 Chevy

I got a chance to shoot Bill Jones' dad's 1957 Chevy in November. I know the word Classic gets used a lot - but Bel-Air is synonymous with Classic. I've shot a lot of cars-- this has to be one of the most photogenic if not most iconic ones I had ever had the privilege to shoot. The only thing I'd like to add is thank you to the MAPS air museum in Akron, Ohio. If you are ever in that area stop by and support the museum. This is the front end of the Bel-Air juxtaposed in front of a Douglas C-47 Transport Plane. The Plane is from the WW-2 era and served into the Vietnam conflict. _MG_4002-Edit In the background you can see an Air National Guard Helicopter. They are based nearby. _MG_3972-Edit Dat Ass. _MG_3933-Edit-2-Edit 'Merica. _MG_4068-Edit_MG_4092-Edit _MG_4035-Edit _MG_4053-Edit-Edit
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