Khalid's 1994 Toyota Supra

Had a chance to do a quick snap on Khalid's 1994 Toyota Supra the other day. Khalid is part of a growing car meet/car club by the name of Texas Imports Today. Not a lot of upgrades but definitely a clean machine. Can't say I dig the XXR's but I guess I'm a little bias. ;). What do you think? What wheels would you choose? In my opinion, it would look even more amazing on 18x10.5 black Enkei RPF1's. But none the less, Khalid's Supra is pretty clean! A big thank you to our friend Khalid for stopping by in such short notice! More pics after the jump.- Alex
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Khalid_Toyota_Supra_side black toyota supra The wheels are 18x8.5 for fronts and 18x10.5 in the rear. Khalid_Toyota_Supra_engine red acura honda nsx Khalid's friend Eddie also showed up in his red NSX rocking some Old School Enkei's (not too old school).
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