Robby's Dismantled RX7 FD

We had a planned photo shoot for Robby's RX7 FD but due to an electrical issue, it wasn't quite ready - but we stopped by any way and took some shots. The FD was dismantled as Robby spent a couple of long nights trying to chase the problem. As of Friday, there was no solution in sight! More pics after the jump. Robby-rx7-fd-red-rx7fd-3 WMD is as much about the process as it is about the finished vehicles so we love to show "in progress" pics - torn off panels, dismantled engines and all. Mazda RX7 FD I see a Turbo by Garrett (Garrett GT35/40R). Robby-rx7-fd-red We had a good talk about the importance of having good authentic wheels. Robby saved his cash and found a good deal on these 18x9.5 Gram Lights. The fronts are a +22 offset and rears are a +15. Robby-rx7-fd-red-rx7fd-2 Yes, that's a Sapporo beer can at the bottom of this pic- used as an oil catch can (has a proper catch can setup inside). Thanks Robby for having us over and letting us invade your garage. We're looking forward to shooting the FD soon! - Alex
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