Quick Shop Visit: Our visit to Texas Track Works

Made a quick stop at Texas Track Works this afternoon and had a chance to take a few pics. Texas Track Works is a full-service shop and racing facility providing repairs, maintenance and upgrades for any type of vehicle. This one above is a 1995 BMW E36 M3 on 18x9.5 +38 ASA wheels soon switching over to 18x10 +25 light weight Enkei NT03+M Racing Series wheels (the purpose of my visit). More pics from our visit after the jump. Texas-Track-Works-m3-bmw-e36-cobra Gutted, with Roll cage, Cobra race seats, etc. Texas-Track-Works-m3-bmw-e36-engine Mostly stock under the hood but had to get a shot. Texas-Track-Works-m3-bmw-e36 Another shot of this E36. Texas-Track-Works-m3-bmw-2 They had another M3 being worked on. This one belongs to Lisa Lumley - she drives in NASA GTS2 as well as BMWCCA. The Z in the background is getting a brake upgrade incase you're wondering. Texas-Track-Works-m3-bmw Newly installed Bimmerworld V2 wing with medium risers. Texas-Track-Works-m3-bmw-engine 3" Eurosport intake and Porsche 993 MAF. Also has Penske double adjustable shocks/struts and Performance Friction brakes up front as well as a complete Stack dash, data and video system. Texas-Track-Works-Enkei-Nt03+m The Enkei 18x10 NT03+M's on the mount! Texas-Track-Works-Frank Had to take a pic of Frank, Forrest's vicious pit-bull. Texas-Track-Works-Forrest Thanks Forrest for having us in your shop. Make sure to visit their website and Facebook page. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the track! - Alex All pics taken with iPhone 5 using Ollo Clip.
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