Event Photo Gallery: Wekfest Hawaii 2013

Some of the best cars have been seen at Wekfest - Though it would have been nice for us to attend Wekfest Hawaii, we I couldn't splurge the air fair. Luckily, our friend Dave Coulter hooked us up with some photos of the event. More pics by Dave Coulter after the jump. - Alex Toyota_AE86_4_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Another shot of that AE86 we started off with - this one won Best of Show. Congrats Lance. 240sx_S14_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter S14 Love. Acura_Integra_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Integra Love. Acura_RSX_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Clean Acura Integra TypeR. AE86_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Definitely want to see more of this AE86 with a turbo F20 swap. BMW_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter BMW on TE37's - always a good combination. Civic_Hatch_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Honda Civic hatch. Dope color. Evo_blue_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter EVO love. Evo_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Mas EVO Love. Honda_Civic_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Minty fresh Civic. Honda_Element_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Great photo of this Element. Lexus_gs300_Green_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Have been seeing more and more of well done GS300. This one's more VIP style but still very nicely done! Lexus_gs300_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter More GS300 love... Embrace The Scrape! Scion_FRS_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Clean FRS on Work Meisters. Supra_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Another legend - the Supra. Toyota_AE86_2_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter AE86 Hachi-Roku on classic Advan Oni Wheels. The last time I seen a clean set of these was on Chris' Bluebird I shot last September. Toyota_AE86_3_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Mas AE86. Toyota_starlet_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter When you run into a Starlet, it's usually beat to hell, but this one looks pretty damn clean. Kind of reminds me of my 1979 Honda Accord. VW_Bug_Wekfest_Hawaii_2013_Dave_Coulter Let's end it with this off the wall Bug! Thanks for the pics Dave - make sure to follow him on Instagram @ShutterRiot!
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