Quick Snap: Fred's Evo VIII and Ken's Evo IX

Nowadays I meet quite a bit of my car friends through social media and without it I don't know how I would find all these cars to shoot. I'm glad that Fred found me through Flickr because without social media I probably wouldn't have met him and have had the opportunity to shoot his Evo VIII along with his friend Ken's Evo IX! More photos after the Jump. -Cullen  Evo 2 Originally this quick snap was only going to feature Fred's Evo (The Red one) but a week before we shot he told me he'd ask his friend to come along as well, I've seen his friend's car on the internet here and there but it would be my first time seeing it person. I definitely got a little excited when I saw these two roll up into the parking lot. Evo 3 Back to the story about meeting Fred, well it was my first day at my new job and when I came in I saw a Red Evo IX (well at least that's what I thought it was). I didn't have my camera on me that day and when I came back the next day with my camera the car wasn't there anymore! I can't say I wasn't disappointed but it wouldn't have been the first time. A couple weekends later I finally got the chance to snap a couple of shots and then I proceeded to post them onto flickr, a couple hours later Fred had hit me on up on flickr telling me it was his car. I was ecstatic knowing what I knew! Evo 4 At first I thought the car was owned by someone closer to my age(18) but when I saw the Recaro child seat I realized that that wasn't the case. Recaro Child Seat One morning I chatted with him and learned that this car is actually an VIII with the front and rear end converted to IX. I also learned that the roof rack, voltex canards, and apr racing splitter are all functional. This car is as you can say daily driven and tracked whenever possible. I'm not one for words so I'll let the pictures do the talking. Hope you enjoyed my first post of many here! Evo Rolling 5 Check out the full set here.
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